Experienced and skilled staff

KFRC’s Genetic Department has a highly qualified and experienced Medical Geneticist with a specialized focus in human genetic disorders and pharmacogenetics. The Molecular Genetic laboratory has two experienced research assistants (postgraduates) who carry out the technical bench work.

 Dr. Pavani has counselled families with various genetic conditions. These include infants and children with inborn errors of metabolism (IEM), developmental delay, mental retardation, autism-spectrum disorders, congenital heart defects and other malformations. Among the adults, types of muscular dystrophy, huntington's disease, spinocerebeallar ataxias, familial cancers of the breast, colon, and gastointestinal tumours.


Fully-equipped laboratory

We have a fully-equipped laboratory for carrying out isolation and analysis of human DNA, RNA and cDNA. We are equipped with all of the basic and some advanced instruments required in a molecular genetic laboratory such as the following;

  • Thermal cycler (PCR machine)
  • Real Time (RT) PCR machine (at Central Laboratory facility, MOU with KIMS)
  • Hot air oven and incubator
  • Dedicated room for Autoclaving
  • Biobanking facility with refrigerators (4C -40C, -80C)
  • Water bath
  • Refrigerated centrifuge
  • Electrophoresis apparatus and power supply
  • Vortex mixer
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Mini centrifuge
  • Sensitive electronic balance
  • Milli Q water ultrapurification system
  • Inverted microscope
  • U.V Illuminator with photographic attachment or other documentation system
  • Precision micropipettes
  • Other necessary plastic and glassware consumables
  • Dedicated room for PCR and post-PCR work to avoid contamination
  • Biobanking facility
  • For specialized molecular genetic techniques such as Next-Gen sequencing and chromosomal microarrays, we have an MOU/ collaboration with other reputed referral laboratories


Our team of

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