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Learn what to expect from your heart transplant care at KIMS Heart and Lung Transplant Institute. You will find out about preparing for, receiving, and recovering from your heart transplant, donor matches, medications, support groups, and more.

Heart transplantation offers hope to patients when other treatments have not been successful. Once it is determined that a heart transplant is the best option for you, after undergoing a comprehensive evaluation, we will work with you to plan and prepare for the procedure, and for a speedy recovery.

Since the program's founding in 2016 by our Founding Director, our doctors, surgeons, researchers, and faculty have worked relentlessly to keep themselves updated with, latest discoveries in surgical techniques, anti-rejection technologies, and cardiac support devices, which are used worldwide. The combination of this experience and expertise provides our patients with an innovative and deeply individualized care plan that results in superior outcomes and reduced post-transplant complications, consistently surpassing national benchmarks.

Our patients have access to a collaborative team of cardiologists, cardiothoracic and transplant surgeons, specially trained nurses, transplant coordinators, along with a support team of a nutritionist, social worker, psychiatrist, counsellor, physical and occupational therapist, and financial coordinator who are available 24/7 to clarify your doubts and answer your questions. Your cardiologist and medical care team will request that you carefully follow their guidelines on how you can best prepare for a heart transplant.

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