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Knee Osteotomy Surgery Cost

Generally, the doctor recommends knee osteotomy for repairing the knee damage due to arthritis. This is a combination of various surgical procedures including cartilage surgery. The weight of the body is moved away from the damaged region of the knee joint by inserting or removing a wedge of bone to the tibia, i.e. shinbone, or femur, better known as thighbone. High tibial osteotomy(now has another alternative called proximal fibular osteotomy in Hyderabad) and Femoral osteotomy are the two most common types of knee osteotomies. As compared to other developed countries, the price of knee osteotomy surgery in Hyderabad is still cheaper. The cost of tibial osteotomy in Hyderabad or we can say the price for HTO surgery in Hyderabad is generally under INR 5,00,000.

Procedure of Knee Osteotomy Surgery

People who are younger than 60 years and more active are recommended knee osteotomy. Often they are advised to undergo total knee replacement surgery after 10 or 15 years. The cartilage which covers the ends of the bone is usually smooth. However, osteoarthritis causes the smooth surface to become rough by depleting the health of the cartilage.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia followed by an incision on the region of the bone which needs to be restructured. Generally, the knee osteotomy included the shinbone, however, depending on the case it may also involve the thighbone.

One of the common procedures includes splitting open the region across the bone, to make a gap. The space is filled with the bone graft and then the bone is fixed using plates and screws. It is referred to as the opening wedge osteotomy.

In closing wedge osteotomy, the shinbone or thighbone is opened to remove a wedge of the bone, and then the edges of the bone are brought closer and secured with metal hardware.

The recovery period may take around six months or more. However various exercises aim in strengthening thigh muscles, improving the knee’s motion and empowering balance. Sometimes a brace is also recommended.

Cost of Knee Osteotomy Surgery in Hyderabad

The cost for knee osteotomy in Hyderabad may depend on the type of procedure taken. Generally, the high tibial osteotomy cost in Hyderabad or we can say, the price for HTO surgery in Hyderabad may range between Rs.1.7 lakhs to Rs.3 lakhs. However, the high cost of knee osteotomy surgery in Hyderabad can become inexpensive using proximal fibular osteotomy in Hyderabad.

In Hyderabad, the proximal fibular osteotomy is a minimally invasive alternative to HTO. The HTO in Hyderabad requires diligent care, bone management and many such aspects. One can observe the price for tibial osteotomy in Hyderabad is more in value than the simple and latest proximal fibular osteotomy in Hyderabad.


  1. Is knee osteotomy a major surgery?

    Yes, because it often includes cutting and reshaping the bones to improve the knee joints and reduce the pain.

  2. What are the risks of knee osteotomy surgery?

    The most common risks include:

    • Small but a potential danger of strokes, heart attacks, blood clots and pneumonia due to general anesthesia.

    • Infection in the surgical region and it may not respond to antibiotics. Thus a future surgery may also be required.

    • Damage to the peroneal nerve or blood vessels.

    • Bones at the osteotomy site may not grow together to heal.

    • May not relieve the pain

  3. What is the before procedure looks like for knee osteotomy?

    • To determine whether the osteotomy is required or not, an X-ray is done on the knee.

    • The patient is not supposed to eat or drink before the surgery.

    • The doctor must be informed in case of daily medicine taken by the patient or any other disease.

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