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KIMS Intensive Cardiac Care Center’s Cardiovascular and thoracic Specialists focus on providing the most advanced and compassionate care during difficult times, making us the best intensive cardiac care specialists in Hyderabad. Dedicated professionals provide patient- and family-centred intensive heart care services of the highest quality to acutely ill patients. These patients are recovering from procedures including:

  • Coronary Artery Revascularization (CABG)
  • Valve Repair and Replacement
  • Repair of Congenital Heart Disease Anomalies
  • Aortic aneurysm repair
  • Other Cardiovascular Interventions

With the expert assistance of our intensive cardiac care specialists in Hyderabad, we provide surgical interventions for advanced heart failure, including implantation of ventricular assist devices and heart transplantation.

All of our ICCC’s provides the highest level of care for Intensive Cardiac Care Unit patients through a partnership between bedside caregivers and remote intensive care specialists. We are nationally recognized for our heart care. We believe the caring staff in our intensive-care unit is one of the reasons why.

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What is an intensive cardiac care center?

An intensive cardiac care center or a CICU is a specialized department in a hospital that provides services to patients with critical coronary heart diseases. This department is handled by a team of different doctors, including experienced cardiologists, nurses, and surgeons who can attend to the needs of patients with cardiac conditions.

With blue chip technology, the cardiac intensive care unit of the Best Cardiac Intensive Care Hospital in Hyderabad is equipped with advanced equipment like a CPAP system, BPAP System, ventilator support, etc. Our cardiac intensive care unit at the KIMS Hospitals is aimed at providing patient-oriented and comprehensive care to patients under their budget. No doubt why we are the Top cardiology hospital in Hyderabad.

Who is admitted to a cardiac intensive care unit?

There are a host of situations related to heart diseases when you may be admitted to a cardiac intensive care unit. Severe conditions like coronary heart disease, acute heart failure, congenital heart diseases, or severe arrhythmia may require the patient to get admitted to a cardiac intensive care unit. Other than this, if you require coronary bypass surgery then you could even be referred to a cardiac intensive care unit.

The treatment for these types of diseases depends on the particular type of cardiac condition that has to be treated. Some of the common types of treatment that are performed at the Best Cardiac Intensive Care Hospital in Hyderabad include the following-

1. Heart transplant surgery. This is a high-end intensive cardiac surgery that is performed to transplant your heart.

2. Treatment for heart attack. The treatment for heart attack is a common condition due to which patients are admitted to a cardiac intensive care unit. The treatment for a heart attack varies from condition to condition and could include therapies like cardiac rehabilitation, lifestyle changes, medications like blood thinners or heart medications, stents, and bypass surgery.

3. Surgical treatment. The surgical treatment performed at a cardiac intensive depends on the particular type of condition that has to be treated.

4. Treatment for congenital heart disease. The KIMS Hospitals provide a comprehensive treatment plan for congenital heart diseases. These treatment options can include medications, a heart transplant, or other heart procedures and surgeries.

Hyderabad's Best Heart Care Hospital

With a compassionate and patient-friendly approach, the KIMS intensive Cardiac Care Center inarguably tops the list of the Best Cardiac Intensive Care Hospital in Hyderabad. The team of dexterous specialist at our hospital provide the most advanced care to patients during difficult times and include them in each stage of the procedure so that they can make informed decisions. We even make sure to treat acutely ill patients recovering from procedures like aortic aneurysm repair, repair of congenital heart diseases, valve repair and replacement, coronary artery revascularization, or other cardiovascular interventions.

The on-wheel service of our department is an effort to provide the best intensive care to the patients 24 by 7 using facilities like radiology services, imaging services, or medical stores. While we treat patients, we fabricate a personalized treatment plan for them according to their requirements and budget. This plan is based on providing the highest level of care to the patients with the least amount of complications. Other than this, the collaboration of the remote intensive care specialists at our department with the bedside caregivers also provides the best care to the patients. No doubt that we are nationally recognized for cardiovascular services and are known as the top cardiology hospital in Hyderabad.


1. What is the difference between an intensive cardiac care unit and ICU?

Technically there is not much difference between critical care units and intensive care units. Both these units specialize in providing treatments to patients who require 24-hour care. Due to the same reasons the hospitals which have ICUs may or may not even have a separate cardiac care unit. The Cardiac care unit focuses on treating patients who have heart diseases, on the other hand, an ICU provides patients with comprehensive care for certain life-threatening conditions.

2. After how many days can I get discharged from the cardiac intensive care unit?

Your duration of stay at the Cardiac Intensive care unit of the KIMS Hospitals depends on the particular type of disease you have and the treatment offered.

3. Do I need to get admitted to the cardiac care unit for every heart disease?

No, you may not be required to get cardiac intensive care unit treatment for every heart disease because some heart diseases can even be treated with other non-operative methods like therapies or medications.

4. What is the average cost of a heart transplant?

The average cost of a heart transplant depends on different factors, like the particular hospital you are admitted to, the type of facilities and infrastructure of the hospital, the qualifications and experience of the doctors at the hospital, and so on. On average, this cost can range anywhere from 20 to 25 Lac rupees. If you want to get a realistic idea of the cost, then you can connect with the team of adept doctors at this Hospital Top Intensive Cardiac Care in Hyderabad.



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