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At KIMS, we will all be working with you in partnership to prepare you for your stay in the ICCC, both before and after the surgery. You are our most important team member. Together, we will accomplishour team goals of effective preparation, successful surgical procedure,smooth recovery, finally a safe discharge.

Our goal is to return you to your maximum functional ability. You play a vital role in reaching that goal. Recovery is a process that starts before you enter the hospital with education and participation. Whenyou complete your hospital stay, recovery carries on at home and throughout your life. We could not achieve the expected outcomes without your hard work and effort.

We hope this information will assist you in preparing for your surgical procedure and will help to facilitate your recovery. Please read it carefullyand feel free to ask questions of any team member.

This part of our website is be updated often and will help patients and their families to valuable resources that will educate them about the health of their eyes.

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