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What is Kidney Removal Surgery?

Nephrectomy, often known as kidney removal, is surgery to remove all or a portion of a kidney. Nephrectomy procedures are most frequently used to treat kidney cancer or to remove a benign (noncancerous) tumour. Nephrectomy surgery is occasionally used to treat kidneys that are infected or severely damaged. A healthy kidney from a donor is removed during a donor nephrectomy so that it can be transplanted into a patient who is in need of a functioning kidney. Each year, a sizable number of people from all over the world choose to have their kidneys removed in India.The Kidney Removal Surgery cost in Hyderabad depends upon various factors. You must contact the doctor to know about the Nephrectomy Surgery cost in India

But before knowing the pcnl surgery cost in Hyderabad there are some other important things to know about. There are numerous reasons why patients travel to India for nephrectomy. A team of highly qualified surgeons from the relevant speciality perform nephrectomy depending on the surgery's primary goal. These laparoscopic procedures may occasionally be carried out by a robotic device. The surgeon doing robotic surgery is seated next to the operating table at a computer station. He or she is in charge of the mechanical arms with surgical instruments attached to them that move about inside the patient's body as well as the camera arm.

Kidney Removal Surgery treatment

The rirs surgery price in Hyderabad varies from place to place. So before getting the treatment done you must be aware of the radical nephrectomy cost in Hyderabad. As the treatment may affect the nephrectomy procedure cost in Hyderabad. Radical nephrectomy involves the removal of the entire kidney, the fatty tissues around it, and part of the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder by the surgeon (ureter). If a tumour is near or includes the adrenal gland, the surgeon may remove it. The adrenal gland is located on top of the kidney. In the hospital, this procedure is carried out while you are unconscious and pain-free (general anaesthesia). The operation could take three hours or longer.

  1. Open surgery

    General anaesthesia is used during open surgical nephrectomy procedures. In this method, the surgeon only makes one sizable incision in the side or belly of the patient. The incision could be anywhere from 10 to 20 inches long.

    Once the surgeon has access to the kidney, working on the ureter and blood arteries is simple. The ureter and significant blood arteries are severed and clamped. The infected kidney segment may be removed alone, along with the ureter, adrenal gland, or the surrounding tissues, depending on the patient's needs. Following the excision of the targeted areas, the incisions are stitched shut. This operation could take up to four hours.

  2. Radical nephrectomy

    Approximately 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) will be cut by the surgeon. Just below your ribs, on the front of your abdomen, is where this cut will be made. You could also do it through your side. Cut and moved are tissue, fat, and muscle. Blood arteries and the ureter, which transports urine from the kidney to the bladder, are removed. Next, the kidney is taken out.

    Along with the surrounding fat, your surgeon may occasionally remove the adrenal gland and a few lymph nodes. The cut is subsequently stitched or stapled shut.

  3. Kidney removal through laparoscopy

    • Your surgeon will make 3 to 4 little incisions in your side and belly, most frequently no more than 1 inch (2.5 cm) apiece. To perform the procedure, the surgeon will utilise a camera and microscopic probes.

    • Your surgeon will enlarge one of the cuts at the end of the procedure (around 4 inches or 10 cm) in order to remove the kidney. The kidney will be bagged and pulled through the larger cut after the ureter is severed.

    • An open kidney removal may take less time than this procedure. However, compared to the pain and recovery time following open surgery, most patients recover more quickly and experience less pain after this form of surgery.


  1. What is the nephrectomy procedure cost in Hyderabad?

    The PCNL surgery cost in Hyderabad starts at INR 66,000 and varies depending on a number of variables. Numerous basic and drastic indications exist for nephropathies.

  2. Why do you need to know about Kidney Removal Surgery cost in Hyderabad?

    It's important to know how much rirs surgery price in Hyderabad before beginning treatment. A team of medical experts from diverse specialities will be assembled by KIMS to treat patients holistically. Together, these medical professionals create a therapy strategy for each patient.

  3. Do donor nephrectomy hazards stay over time?

    Before the kidney removal procedure, a donor is thoroughly examined, and the hazards of having one kidney, in the long run, are typically no higher than in the general population.

  4. What is Nephrectomy Surgery cost in India?

    Depending on the complexity of the treatment, the Nephrectomy Surgery cost in India typically ranges between Rs.2,50,000 - Rs.3,00,000.

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