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KIMS heart and lung transplant team is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of patient and referring physician satisfaction. The development and successful operation of a complex procedure such as lung transplantation is challenging and requires the integration of many resources within the health center. Pharmacists, physical therapists, dieticians, and other healthcare professionals are committed to focusing their education and research on the problems of patients with advanced lung disease.

The team members of the KIMS Heart and Lung Transplant Center are leaders in the field of transplantation. Members lecture worldwide, are actively involved in transplant policy-making committees and are nationally recognized for their contributions to clinical transplantation and research.

The multidisciplinary team draws on the combined talents and experience of members skilled in pulmonary medicine, thoracic surgery, anaesthesia, pathology, radiology, pharmacy, nursing, research coordination, social work, physical therapy, psychology, and other allied specialities.

Our team of

Expert Doctors

With a multidisciplinary team adept at a plethora of issues like thoracic surgery, pulmonary medicine, radiology, anaesthesia, nursing, pharmacy, pathology, research coordination, psychology, and other such specialities, the heart and lung transplant department of Kims Hospital provides the best heart and lung transplant in India. Since the best heart and lung transplant requires a complex procedure, the physicians involved in the process have to tackle myriad challenges with the integration of several resources. Keeping this in mind, the expert pharmacists, healthcare professionals, dieticians, and physical therapists at the Kims hospitals are focused on providing advanced heart and lung transplant procedure to their patients.

The skills of the physicians at the best heart and lung transplant centre of the KIMS hospital is substantiated from the fact that they are nationally recognised for their contributions in the field of lung transplantation and research. Being at the forefront of research, these physicians lecture worldwide and hence provide the best heart and lung transplant to patients. The best heart and lung transplant centre of Kims Hospital had completed its first heart transplant in 2012. At the current pace, the doctors at this reputable institute can perform approximately 80 heart and lung transplant procedure this year.

Now let’s have a glance at how the lung and heart transplant centre of Kims Hospital stands out from the rest of the hospitals in the industry. The heart and lung transplant in India provided by the specialists at the KIMS hospital is possible because the experts are adept in the field of mechanical cardiac assistance, cardiac and lung transplant and heart failures. Additionally, the heart and lung transplant procedure carried out by the experts at this hospital use Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD) in children and adults. The KIMS hospital is the only team in the Asia Pacific that uses the remotely monitored LVAD to treat the patients with long term remote monitoring and personalised individual care. No wonder why this is the best heart and lung transplant hospital in Hyderabad?

With state-of-the-art technology and their expertise, the experienced physicians at this hospital use the best heart and lung transplant and Ventricular Assist Device implants in India. Since the physicians are extremely experienced and adept in their fields, they will first learn all your medical requirements and needs and then treat you. Knowing about you helps the physicians to concoct a highly personalised treatment plan for your needs and provide you with the best assistance both medically and emotionally.

At the same time, the heart and lung transplant cost in India at our hospital is quite reasonable and worth each penny spent by you. Apart from the physicians, Kims Hospital can provide impeccable heart and lung transplant in India because it even has a team of specialists, including dieticians, nurse practitioners, social workers and other nurses. This team will always cater to your needs and provide you high level of support.

To concoct the best treatment and diagnostic strategy for the patients, the KIMS Hospitals works closely with the patient’s pulmonologist, primary care. Doctor Ann cardiologist. Due to this, the hospital provides the best heart and lung transplant along with continuous care, even when you are sent to your home. To enhance the power of personalised treatments, the KIMS Hospital has a transplant EMR along with a mobile application. With the aid of artificial intelligence and innovative technology, the transplant app allows the patients to receive ongoing care and provides predictive analytics according to their post-transplant care. So no matter wherever you are in the world, you can receive post-transplant care in the present and long term at this hospital.

Lung transplant process.

The heart and lung transplant procedure used at the Kims hospital initiates from a referral from your primary pulmonologist or physician. Once the administrative team connects you with the lung transplant pulmonologist, he or she will educate you about your current health status in detail. After your appointment, you are supposed to give your permission. for the lung transplant. Once you provide your consent, the lung transplant pulmonologist asks the evaluation team to concoct your transplant assessment.

The aim of creating your transplant evaluation and assessment is because it will help you to know whether it is the right treatment for you or not. The reason behind this is simply because having a lung transplant is a crucial decision, so you need to know the benefits, risks and requirements of this programme. The assessment process requires you to visit the hospital and have several tests and meet the crucial members of your team. Hence, this process will provide a detailed insight to you and your family about your health condition so that you can make an informed decision about having the best heart and lung transplant procedure.

Hopefully, your search for the best heart and lung transplant hospital in India has ended with the KIMS hospital!


1. How long does a heart and lung transplant take?

According to Medline Plus, the average time taken in a heart and lung transplant is 4 to 8 hours.

2. How long can a person live after undergoing a heart and lung transplant?

The people who have undergone a heart and lung transplant have a pretty good outlook because about 50% of these people have survived for more than five years.

3. Can a person live a normal life after a lung transplant?

Half of the people who undergo a lung transplant live more than five years. Moreover, some of them have even lived for ten years or more after undergoing a lung transplant.

4. Is a lung transplant from the KIMS Hospitals worth it?

Being unequivocally the best heart and lung transplant Hospital in India, the KIMS Hospitals' lung transplant is worth it. This transplant is an efficacious treatment for any disease that has destroyed your lung’s function.



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