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Heart Double Valve Replacement Cost

What is heart double valve replacement?

Heart double valve replacement is a surgery performed to treat valvular heart disease. Valvular heart disease may occur when either one or more of the four valves of your heart do not function properly. So in case the valves of your heart are damaged severely beyond repair, then heart double valve replacement surgery may be performed. In such situations, you should know the Heart double valve replacement cost in Hyderabad.

There are myriad reasons for the replacement of the valves because the valves are an important part of the heart and they allow the nutrient-rich blood to flow through the different chambers of the heart. Once the blood flow is facilitated, each valve closes completely. However, in case your heart valves are diseased then they may not be able to close and facilitate the blood flow. There are different conditions when your heart valves may not function up to the mark. One such condition is cyanosis, under which the blood vessels get narrowed. Due to this, very little amount of blood will flow to the heart and this will cause your muscles to work harder. Other than this, another problem may be the leaky valves.

Under this issue, your valves may not close tightly and instead remain slightly open. This could lead to regurgitation when the blood can flow backwards. Hence, there are different signs and symptoms of valvular heart disease when you should know the Double Heart valve replacement surgery cost in Hyderabad. These symptoms can include shortness of breath, fluid retention, especially in the lower limbs, fatigue, chest pain, light, headedness, dizziness, and cyanosis. When the valvular heart disease damage is far beyond repair, then your healthcare provider will consider the double heart valve replacement.

As the name itself suggests, under the double valve replacement, both your aortic valve and the mitral valve will be replaced. This means the entire left side of your heart will be replaced. The mortality rate in this type of surgery is slightly higher, and it is a rare type of surgery. The heart double valve replacement surgery affects your AVR-MVR double valve replacement surgery cost in Hyderabad.

How is the heart double valve replacement surgery performed?

Before your heart double valve replacement surgery, you should have an insight into the cost to assess your budget. Once the surgery starts, your healthcare provider will provide you with general anaesthesia So that you are asleep during the surgery. Ben and the Doctor will decide whether to perform the surgery using the conventional method or the minimally invasive method. Under the conventional type of surgery, your healthcare provider may aim at making a large incision from the neck to the naval. However, under the minimally invasive method or healthcare provider will aim at reducing the size of the incision and reducing the risk of infection. Both these types of surgeries performed will affect your Aortic valve replacement surgery cost in Hyderabad.


  1. Why will you be kept on a bypass machine during the double heart valve replacement surgery?

    While replacing your heart valves, the healthcare provider will ensure that your heart must be still. Hence, you will be placed on the bypass machine that can help to circulate the blood all through your body and the lungs. This procedure will also affect your Heart double valve replacement cost in Hyderabad.

  2. How is the recovery from the heart double valve replacement?

    The patient may be required to stay in the hospital after any heart valve replacement surgery for approximately 5 to 7 days. However, in case you had minimally invasive surgery, then you may be able to go home earlier. Full recovery can take anywhere from a few weeks to up to several months, depending on the particular type of surgery performed and your rate of healing. Your duration of stay in the hospital will affect your Aortic valve replacement surgery cost in Hyderabad.

  3. From where should I know the Heart double valve replacement cost in Hyderabad?

    If you want to know the Cost of double valve replacement surgery in Hyderabad, then KIMS Hospitals is just a call away. This hospital has the best cardiothoracic valve replacement surgeons in Hyderabad, due to which it is a leading heart care provider in Telangana and AP.

  4. What is the average Heart double valve replacement cost in Hyderabad?

    The average AVR-MVR double valve replacement surgery cost in Hyderabad can range anywhere from ₹2,20,000 to ₹4,00,000.

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