Neurophysiology Doctor in Hyderabad

profile photo ofDr. Ajay Kumar Midde

Dr. Ajay Kumar Midde

HOD - Neuro-Rehabilitation

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Dr. Sudhindra Vooturi

Consultant Lifestyle and Rehabilitation

Expert Neurophysiology Doctor in Hyderabad

A neurophysiologist is a medical professional that specializes in evaluating how your neurological system works. To avoid difficulties, surgical neurophysiologists monitor how this system functions during surgery. Clinical neurophysiologists conduct tests in hospitals to diagnose various neurological diseases.

A neurophysiologist analyzes and diagnoses problems that impact the nervous system's function. They accomplish this mostly by administering and evaluating a series of tests that measure the electrical activity of your nervous system.

A note from KIMS Neurophysiology Centre

If your doctor suspects you have a neurological issue or you have been diagnosed with one, you may be sent to a neurophysiologist. They are professionals in their field and have up-to-date knowledge of tests used to analyze the function of your neurological system. Please do not hesitate to ask your neurophysiologist questions. They're here to help you.



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