Vitrectomy Cost

A vitrectomy is a form of eye surgery which is used to treat multiple retinal and vitreous disorders. Vitreous is a clear gel-like liquid that needs to be transparent to allow light to reach the retina. In Hyderabad, vitrectomy surgery replaces the vitreous with another fluid. The anterior vitrectomy is another procedure to remove the vitreous humor when it obstructs the intraocular lens and other parts of the eye. The anterior vitrectomy surgery in Hyderabad procedure gets completed from thirty to three hours. The cost of a vitrectomy procedure in Hyderabad normally gets covered under INR 50,000.

Types of Vitrectomy

  • Anterior Vitrectomy- In the complicated cases of cataract or cornea or glaucoma surgeries the excessive vitreous gel is cleaned to reduce the irritations and inflammation. It helps to prevent any further risk of retinal problems.

  • Pars Plana Vitrectomy- When the vitrectomy is performed by the retina specialist to treat diseases associated with the posterior segment of the eye, then it is referred to as posterior or pars plana vitrectomy. Saline or a gas bubble or silicone oil may be injected to keep the retina in a suitable position.

Procedure of Vitrectomy Eye Surgery in Hyderabad

  • The doctor may ask the patient about their medical history and health status.

  • Fasting is required twelve hours before the procedure.

  • The eyes are dilated and light up to analyze the retina. Ultrasound is also done to examine the retina to assist the doctor's plan further.

  • The surgery is done by an experienced eye surgeon who may use anesthetic eye drops and injections. A patient is generally awake for the procedure while the eye is operated on. Sometimes, the patient is given anesthesia which will allow the patient to sleep throughout the operation.

  • To remove the vitreous the surgeon will make incisions on the outer layer of the eye, and a small incision on the sclera, i.e. the white part of the eye.

  • The laser will be utilized to fix the tear on the retina or inject the gas bubble to help the retina’s position.

  • The vitreous is replaced with silicone oil or saline or some other fluid.

  • Generally, the incisions don’t need stitches, but sometimes surgeons close them using sutures.

  • The eyes will be covered using a bandage and antibiotic ointment is also recommended to avoid infection.

Cost of Vitrectomy Procedure in Hyderabad

The price for the vitrectomy procedure in Hyderabad is believed to be very affordable compared to developed countries like the USA. The range of vitrectomy procedures in Hyderabad is between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000.


  1. What are the risks related to vitrectomy or anterior vitrectomy surgery in Hyderabad?

    The vitrectomy or anterior vitrectomy surgery in Hyderabad is often successful. However, the results vary depending on the condition of the eye as well as the amount of treatment required to fix it. Unfortunately, there are always some potential side effects with every operation. The common risks include:

    • Cataracts formation

    • Bleeding in the vitreous

    • Infection and increased pressure inside the eye

    • Detachment of the retinal

    • Damage to the lens

    • Trouble in moving eyes

  2. What steps should be taken for the recovery of vitrectomy?

    The doctor will prescribe medicines and eye drops for the pain-relievers and infection. Regular check-ups are required to observe the healing of the eye.

  3. Who is suitable for vitrectomy eye surgery?

    A patient who has the following eye problems recommended this vitrectomy:

    • Vitreous hemorrhage

    • Problems after the cataract operation

    • Wrinkle formation at the part of the retina

    • Diabatic retinoplasty

    • Retinal detachment

    • Macula, which is a hole in the central part of the retina

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