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Facial Paralysis Treatment Cost

The loss of the ability to move muscles is termed paralysis. When a person becomes incompetent to control either one side(also called bell’s palsy) or both sides of the face muscles, the person is said to suffer from facial paralysis. The general cost of paralysis in Hyderabad can vary, depending on the severity of the cases. One cannot decide the definite price of paralysis treatment in Hyderabad as some people take a longer period to recover than others. Similarly, the expenses for facial paralysis treatment in India can also depend on the recovery period and type of procedure carried out for the cure.

Treatment for Facial Paralysis

The paralysis of the face can be temporary or permanent. This paralysis can come suddenly (for example bell’s palsy) or develop gradually over months(in the case of head or neck tumour). Considering the muscle movements, causes and other factors, the surgeon draws out a perfect plan and procedure for the treatment. Some of the general means to handle face paralysis are:

Physical Therapy

Since the paralysed muscles tend to shrink and shorten, a physical therapist is recommended. The therapist teaches several massages and exercises to help the facial muscles and prevent any prolonged or permanent damage in future.

Paralysis treatment through physical therapy is very common and can be a cheaper alternative for the treatment expenses of paralysis in Hyderabad which are temporary.


The common medicines used to treat facial paralysis such as Bell’s palsy are:

  • Corticosteroids- The powerful anti-inflammatory agents like prednisone help to reduce the swelling in the facial nerves which then helps them to adjust normally. With this treatment, the cost for the cure of Bell’s palsy in Hyderabad can be covered under INR 3000 as this drug tolls around INR 400.

  • Antiviral Drugs- There are situations where antiviral drugs when given together with steroids have helped people with bell’s palsy.

If medications are working efficiently then the treatment fee for bell’s palsy in Hyderabad can be much more affordable.


Facial paralysis surgery is often called facial reanimation surgery. In this surgery, the plastic surgeon uses all or some parts of the muscles, nerves or both from other parts of the body. This helps in restoring the motion of the lower half of the face.

The mobility of the facial muscles helps in communication and produce expressions, thus facial surgery for paralysis is not merely a cosmetic procedure. The various available surgeries are:

  • Nerve Transfers: The nerve is transferred to the area where the facial muscle is injured. The aim is to restore the lost nerve function and reinnervate the muscles of the face. Cross-Facial Nerve Graft: It helps in regenerating the nerve fibres by migrating them across the face to help in the growth of the injured muscles of facial expression.

  • Nerve Options to Power the Gracilis Muscle: Includes two separate surgeries, the first surgery moves the nerve to the facial area. After healing from the earlier procedure, the surgeon transplants the muscle and empowers it to work in its new location.

  • Masseter Muscle Transfer: One of the branches of the masseter muscle is rerouted to empower the gracilis muscle.

  • Hypoglossal Nerve: It includes transection of the donor’s hypoglossal nerve.

The surgeries are sometimes followed with physical therapies hence adding up to the cost of facial paralysis treatment in India. The price for facial paralysis in Hyderabad is dictated by the type of the paralysis, for instance, the price for Bell’s palsy treatment in Hyderabad is different from the whole facial paralysis treatment’s cost in Hyderabad.


  1. What is the Facial Paralysis Treatment cost in Hyderabad?

    Considering the approximate cost for facial paralysis treatment in India, the treatment cost in Hyderabad may also range between INR 65,000 to INR 1,30,000.

  2. What are the causes of facial paralysis?

    There aren’t particular reasons for the facial paralysis, but few studies have lined Bell’s palsy with viruses, such as:

    • Cold sores and genital herpes by herpes simplex

    • Adenovirus

    • Rubella which causes german measles

    • Mumps virus

    • Influenza B

    • Herpes zoster which infects people with chickenpox and shingles

  3. What are the symptoms of facial paralysis?

    The common symptoms include:

    • Vision problems in one or both eyes

    • Difficulty in breathing

    • Dizziness and confusion

    • Severe headaches

    • Difficulty in talking or understanding

    • Numbness or weakness in one side of the body, affecting the face, arm, or leg

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