Pediatric Counselling Centre

Treatments & Procedures

KIMS Children and Families is a multi-disciplinary group of experienced professionals from the fields of psychology, psychiatry, social work, and family therapy.

The team provides confidential professional and multilingual assessments, formalized testing, counseling and therapy for children and teens with learning, emotional, behavioral, and/or family problems. The team evaluates and treats children with a variety of mental health and learning disorders which include ADHD, anxiety, depression, developmental issues, as well as common problems with learning and behavior.

When formal testing is needed, an expert team of professionals provides comprehensive multi-lingual psycho-educational and neuro-psychological testing, resource and referral services for children and teens with developmental, learning, and behavioral difficulties.

The Psychopharm Clinic provides psychiatric consultation and medication evaluation and monitoring for clients at the KIMS Counseling Center. From time to time, an individual may be in need of consultation by a psychiatrist for the purpose of clarifying treatment or determining whether it is advisable to prescribe medication to treat the mental health issue. An example might be referring to the Psychopharm Clinic to determine whether medication might also be helpful in the treatment of anxiety or depression in addition to professional face-to-face counseling.

A Neuropsychological assessment can be useful for teasing out the relative contributions of neurological conditions (such as brain injury, encephalitis, dementia or epilepsy), of emotional states and psychiatric illnesses such as ADHD, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and also of problems such as autistic spectrum disorders. The assessment describes an individual's strengths and weaknesses and can assess adaptive functioning in order to assist in treatment planning or to highlight the need for environmental changes to accommodate deficits.

Our lifeline counsellors are trained in a wide range of issues, including relationships, depression, anxiety, HIV, cultural adjustment, teenage pregnancy, sexuality, eating disorders, and substance abuse, as well as emergency situations, issues relevant to young people and suicide— no problem is too big, or small.



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