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KIMS Prostate Centre is a unique private clinic dedicated to the diagnosis and management of all prostate problems – a centre of excellence for men's health. The Prostate Centre's multi-professional team of world-renowned experts provides the very best in care and expertise for men with prostate cancer, benign enlargement of the prostate, prostatitis (the painful prostate), and related men's health issues such as post-operative incontinence and sexual difficulties.

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What is the prostate?

The prostate is a small gland in the male reproductive system that is located just below the bladder in front of the rectum. This gland surrounds the tube, which carries urine and semen out of your body through the urethra. The gland helps in the production of semen by producing the thick, white fluid that later on gets mixed with the sperm. Generally, prostate problems are common, particularly in men who are above 50. Here’s a glance at the different types of prostate problems-

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common type of issue related to the prostate gland in which this gland may amplify to an unhealthy size. Though benign hyperplasia does not lead to prostate cancer, it is crucial that you contact the Top Prostate Treatment Hospital in Hyderabad to get it treated as soon as possible. Generally when your prostate gland increases in size. It could pressurise the nearby organs and hence cause issues with urination. But enlarged prostate is more common in older people and is rare in people who are below 40.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer happens when the cancer cells grow in your prostate gland. Generally, this type of cancer is common in people who are aged 50 or above. However, this cancer is slow growing and only one in 35 men might die of it.

Though the cause behind prostate cancer is not clear, there are different risk factors associated with it. These risk factors can include your family history or your race.


Prostatitis is the inflammation in the prostate gland that is common in people under the age of 50. The effects caused by Prostatitis depend on its different types.

1. Chronic bacterial prostatitis. Under Chronic bacterial prostatitis, a recurrent bacterial infection occurs in your prostate gland. Generally, the symptoms of this prostatitis start slow and it may take quite a long time to treat it.

2. Chronic prostatitis. This type of prostatitis is also known as chronic pelvic pain syndrome, and it is the most common type of prostatitis.

3. Asymptomatic prostatitis. As the name itself suggests, in this type of prostatitis, you may have no symptoms, and hence it might not usually require treatment. However, you can learn about it only when you have tests for other issues.

4. Acute bacterial prostatitis. This type of prostatitis also starts with a bacterial infection which can be treated with antibiotics.

Thus, if you have any of these prostate problems, then you can contact the Best Men Health Hospital in Hyderabad. Though anyone can develop prostate problems, some people are at a higher risk.

Prostate centre

Kim’s prostate centre is a unique private clinical that aims at diagnosing and managing a spectrum of prostate issues and hence we are touted as the top prostate treatment hospital in Hyderabad. The multi-professional team of board-certified experts at our facility have extensive experience in the field due to which they can address a host of issues and provide expertise for men with prostate cancer.

Apart from this, we even provide top-notch pre and post-operative care to our patients to help them deal with incontinence and sexual difficulties. You can substantiate our credibility from the fact that we have umpteen positive testimonials in helping patients with even the most complex cases with the least amount of complications.


1. Who is at a higher risk of developing an enlarged prostate?

People who are aged 40 or above and have family members who have had benign prostate hyperplasia are at an amplified risk of developing an enlarged prostate. Other than this, if you do not get enough physical activity and even have different health conditions like type 2 diabetes, problems with blood circulation, heart disease or obesity, then you might be at an amplified risk of getting enlarged prostate and should immediately consult the Top Prostate Treatment Hospital in Hyderabad.

2. What are the different symptoms of prostate diseases?

The symptoms of prostate problems include leaking or dribbling urine, having a weak urine system or needing to rush to the bathroom but being able to urinate only for a little time. Other than this, you could even experience symptoms of fever, chills, body aches, blood in the urine, or a medical emergency where you aren’t able to urinate at all.

3. How are prostate diseases diagnosed?

There are a host of tests which can help to diagnose different prostate diseases. First of all, your healthcare team may ask you about your medical history, family history and the different symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Then they may perform a physical exam namely the Digital Rectal Exam (DRE). Apart from this, there are several tests which can even help to diagnose prostate diseases like cystoscopy, blood test, urine test, ultrasound images, prostate biopsy, PSA blood test, or urodynamic testing.

4. Is prostate cancer curable?

80 to 85% of prostate cancers can be identified in the regional stages, namely stage I, II, & III. The men who are diagnosed and given Prostate Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad during these stages can be disease-free after approx. 5 years.



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