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MRI Cost

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is also referred to as the abbreviated form in MRI.

It produces comprehensive images of the internal organs, tissue, and bones using radio waves and strong magnetic fields. The magnetic resonance imaging procedure in Hyderabad mechanizes powerful magnets and detects various parts of the body. The MRI scanning cost or we can say MRI procedure cost in Hyderabad is comparatively more than the other scanning methods.

MRI scanning is a non-invasive painless procedure which lasts for 30 to 90 minutes. It was created by Raymond Damadian who named it 'Indomitable'.

Procedure of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Hyderabad

The patient is laid on a flat bed which is put inside the scanner. Either the head or the feet is pushed inside first, depending on the case as may be.

The radiographer controls the scanner using the computer while sitting in a separate room to avoid the magnetic field. The patient and the radiographer use an intercom to communicate and the latter also operates a television monitor to observe the patient.

The scanner produces tapping noises due to the electric current in the coil is either turned on or turned off. To reduce the discomfort the patient is given headphones or earplugs.

The patient may be required to hold their breath for a few seconds and follow other instructions as directed by the radiographer.

The protons in the body line up under the influence of powerful scanner magnets and radio waves are sent to the different regions of the body. This causes the protons to disperse, and later when the rays are turned off they get realigned.

The alignment, dispersion, and realignment of the protons send the radio signals, which are caught by the receivers to detect the locations of the protons in the body. And hence the information of distinguished tissues is drawn, as the speed of the realignment of the tissue varies.

Thus, the pixels create images on the computer screen by receiving the signals from the protons.

Cost of MRI Procedure in Hyderabad

The price for the MRI scanning in Hyderabad mainly depends on the area for the observation. As per the studies, the cost for the MRI procedure in Hyderabad may start from INR 2,800. Thus one can say the cost for MRI scans in Hyderabad as well as other parts of India is affordable though more expensive than other scans.


  1. What are the uses of magnetic resonance imaging procedures in Hyderabad?

    It is used to detect:

    • Tumors, cysts and other abnormalities in different parts of the body

    • Injuries and traumas in the joints

    • Heart problems

    • Diseases in the liver or other abdominal organs

    • Fibroids, infertility, and endometriosis

  2. What are the side effects of MRI?

    MRI has very rare side effects, yet some of the common issues due to MRI can be:

    • Headaches and nausea

    • It may cause itchy eyes

    • Inflammation at the region of injection

    • People with claustrophobia feel distressed

  3. Is MRI safe for pregnant women?

    Doctors do not recommend MRI scans after the first trimester, except for the serious need for information. MRI scans below 3.0 Tesla are safe for the second and the third trimester of pregnancy.

  4. What happens after the MRI scan?

    The radiologists use the images from the scan to observe if any further scanning is required. The patient can leave for home on the same day. The report will be drawn by the radiologist as per the request of the doctor. An appointment is then made by the patient to see their doctor again with the report.

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