Tele Medicine


At KIMS, our patient-centered tools apart from being more convenient for patients, these tools and products can reduce costs and provide physicians with patient information more quickly and efficiently. Our health and wellness programs, including diet and exercise routines and consultations with life and wellness coaches, are being implemented to improve post-discharge care. Keeping patients healthy after receiving procedures helps reduce complications and avoid costly readmissions. As more systems for sending and storing patient information are developed, the risk of losing that information or having it stolen rises.

With such important data at stake, we have medical networks that employ proper privacy and security measures for telehealth technology.

Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are being used in our hospital to allow our doctors to sync to the facility's network and outside hospitals to enable patients to monitor vital signs and transmit this information to their physicians.

With massive amounts of data needing to be stored, we have moved to cloud storage solutions to store information without incurring excessive hardware costs.

We have recognised how facebook and other social networks have tremendous potential in helping people maintain healthier lifestyles since keeping people accountable to family and friends can be much more effective than mandates from physicians.

The telemedicine department at KIMS also helps rural facilities to train and retain clinicians because telemedicine allows on-the-job experience and remote participation in grand rounds.



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