Thoracic Surgery

The best thoracic surgery hospital in Hyderabad is KIMS Hospitals, thanks to its cutting-edge equipment, infrastructure, clinical know-how, and outstanding results. Thoracic surgery at KIMS Hospitals is complex and challenging but always produces excellent outcomes. Thoracic surgeons at our hospital perform. They include procedures to remove cancerous growths from the esophagus and lungs. We undertake Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery and minimally invasive operations on the lung and esophagus with a team led by some of the most excellent cardiothoracic surgeons in India (VATS).

KIMS Hospitals, Thoracic Surgery Department is renowned for its skill in managing conditions that affect the chest organs. Pure thoracic (non-cardiac) chest disorders such as lung cancer, benign lung conditions, tracheal procedures, mediastinal tumors, and diseases of the chest wall, including chest trauma, are the department's emphasis. With a focus on Uniportal (single incision) VATS surgeries for a variety of lung diseases, mediastinal diseases, diaphragm pathology, and several pleural-based diseases, including infectious conditions like tuberculosis, we at KIMS Hospitals are proud to offer state-of-the-art minimally invasive thoracic surgery. This procedure is now available at KIMS Kondapur as well.

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