Best Orthopedic Trauma Surgeons

profile photo ofDr. I. Vishwanatha Reddy

Dr. I. Vishwanatha Reddy

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

profile photo ofDr. Srinivas Kasha

Dr. Srinivas Kasha

Senior Consultant - Trauma, Computer Navigated Joint Replacement & Pelviacetabular Trauma Surgeon

profile photo ofDr. A.H. Ashwin Kumar

Dr. A.H. Ashwin Kumar

Consultant Orthopaedics

profile photo ofDr. G.P.R.K Rohit

Dr. G.P.R.K Rohit

Consultant Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy & Sports Surgeon

profile photo ofDr. B. Sai Phani Chandra

Dr. B. Sai Phani Chandra

Consultant Orthopaedics, Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Orthopedic Trauma Specialist Near Me

KIMS Hospitals Hyderabad offers some of the top orthopedic surgeons and experts in Secunderabad, Begumpet, Kondapur and Gachibowli. Our orthopedic consultants are well known in their disciplines and have extensive experience and knowledge. Specialists in many fields such as knee, hip and joint, provide complete treatment and care.

The department is staffed by a multidisciplinary team that includes arthroscopy surgeons, sports medicine specialists, orthopedic oncologists, trauma surgeons, pediatric orthopedic surgeons, spine surgeons, microvascular surgeons, physical medicine experts, orthopedic knee surgeons, bone specialist doctors, physical rehabilitation specialists, patient counselors and nurses. Our doctors at KIMS Hospitals have the necessary skills and knowledge to treat any orthopedic emergency or complex condition.

Our team at KIMS has extensive knowledge of innovative technology and modernized treatment. We pledge to provide our patients with the best orthopedic treatments possible using efficient and painless procedures. Our hospitals are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and always have an expert doctor on duty.



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