Urogynecology is a subspecialty that focuses on women with the inability to hold their urine or stool and women whose Pelvic floor is weak leading to varied problems such as looseness of the genitalia and mass protruding from the vagina. It also deals with cosmetic correction of the genitalia and miscellaneous problems like Lower abdominal pain.

What are the problems dealt with by Urogynecologist?

1. Incontinence: This is of 4 types.

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence- Loss of urine on coughing, sneezing, laughing or running
  • Over Active Bladder – A group of symptoms like frequent urination, the urge to go to the bathroom and losing control of urine when they have the urge and getting up in the night to pee.
  • Mixed Incontinence where they have both symptoms
  • Overflow Incontinence- The person has no sensation of her bladder filling and releases small quantities at intervals

2. Pelvic organ Prolapse due to pelvic floor Dysfunction: The muscle plate at the bottom of the body is the Pelvic Floor. It is like a Hammock holding the pelvic organs inside our body. When this weakens (pelvic floor dysfunction) the person feels that she feels a bulge in the genitalia and her Uterus or bladder or Rectum could indeed be sliding down

3. Conditions where the patient has bladder pain with no obvious reason or have burning in the vagina and external genitalia- called BPS or Bladder Pain Syndrome

4. Anomalous genital organs by birth, absence of the vagina

5. Cosmetic surgery to reduce the LabiaMinora or support a sagging vagina.

6. Recurrent Urinary infections

7. Voiding disorders – Inability to urinate or completely empty the Bladder

8. Holes in the bladder or rectum into the vagina either due to surgeries or childbirth or by birth leading to leakage of stool or urine from the vagina

9. Sexual dysfunction (Difficulty in having sex)

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What is Urogynecology?

The Best Urogynecology Hospitals in Hyderabad varies from place to place. So before getting the treatment you must be aware of the Top Urology Hospital in Hyderabad and Best Urogynecology Hospitals in Hyderabad or you may visit KIMS hospital as KIMS hospital is the Hospitals for Gynecology in Hyderabad. The subfield of urogynecology focuses on women who can't contain their pee or stool and women whose weak pelvic floor causes a variety of issues, like loose genitalia and masses projecting from the vagina. Additionally, it deals with other issues like lower stomach pain and cosmetic genital genitalia repair.

What illnesses are treated by urogynecologists?

The condition known as stress urinary incontinence describes the loss of pee when laughing, sneezing, coughing, or running. The term "over active bladder" refers to a number of symptoms, such as a constant need to urinate, numerous trips to the bathroom, an inability to control one's urine when the desire strikes, and getting up in the middle of the night to urinate. Mixed incontinence is defined by symptoms and signs.

1. A person with overflow incontinence has intermittent little leaks rather than feeling their bladder fill up.

2. Pelvic organ prolapse brought on by dysfunction of the pelvic floor: The pelvic floor is a muscular plate at the base of the body. The pelvic organs are held inside our bodies like a hammock. The person may feel a bulge in her genitalia and think that her uterus, bladder, or rectum is slipping down when this diminishes (pelvic floor dysfunction).

3. Conditions referred to as BPS, or Bladder Discomfort Syndrome, include bladder pain with no apparent cause as well as burning in the vagina and external genitalia.

4. Lack of a vagina at birth and abnormal genital organs

5. Cosmetic surgery to stabilise a drooping vagina or minimise the LabiaMinora.

6. Repeated bladder infections

7. Voiding disorders: the inability to completely urinate or empty the bladder

8. Holes in the bladder or rectum that enter the vagina as a result of operations, childbirth, or birth that cause sputum or urine leakage from the vagina

9. Sexual maladaptation (Difficulty in having sex)

In Hyderabad the Best Urogynecology Hospitals in Hyderabad depends on a number of variables. To find out who the Best Urogynecology hospital in Hyderabad is, you must speak with the doctor.. But before knowing about the Top Urology Hospital in Hyderabad, you must contact the doctors of KIMS hospital about the problem as KIMS hospital is the Hospitals for Gynecology in Hyderabad

What does the term "incidence" mean?

Incontinence is the condition in which you are unable to control your bowel and urine movements. They can be of following kinds:

1. Stress urinary incontinence is the term used to describe the loss of pee when you cough, laugh, or sneeze.

2. Urinating too frequently, getting up in the middle of the night to urinate more than twice, or experiencing an unexpected, uncontrollable urge to urinate - Overactive Bladder is the collective term for all of these symptoms.

3. Mixed incontinence is the term used when a person exhibits both of the aforementioned symptoms.

4. Overflow incontinence is the term for leaking when your bladder fills up without your knowledge.

5. Fecal incontinence is the inability to regulate your bowel movements. Usually, it occurs when the muscles surrounding the rectum are hurt.

How can we stop it?

There may be moments when it cannot be stopped. It depends on the body type, number of births, type of delivery, age, and obesity.

1. Exercises for the pelvic floor (PFE) are beneficial before, during, and after delivery.

2. A proper diet may occasionally encourage you to refrain from using spices, citrus, coffee, or tea.

3. Avoid being obese

4. Don't lift bulky items

5. Verify that other health issues like a persistent cough or constipation are under control.

How can we diagnose?

1. Urine culture and sensitivity, CUE, and

2. genital ultrasound

3. inspection of the body

4. urodynamic evaluation

5. Cystoscopy

Not every person will require every exam. After discussing your symptoms with you and after the examination, your doctor will decide what tests you require.

How is incontinence treated ?

The type of incontinence will determine how it is treated. You can choose from a wide range of cutting-edge therapies nowadays. You should first try straightforward treatments like dietary changes, pelvic floor exercises, and a change in lifestyle to prevent obesity.

1. Sling therapy utilising mesh and bladder-specific Botox injections are examples of advanced treatments.

2. PTNS (posterior tibial nerve stimulation) (posterior tibial nerve stimulation)

3. Regenerative medicine utilising sacral neuromodulation

4. In conclusion, it's critical that you be honest about your symptoms, have patience, and take your medications as directed. Best Urogynecology Hospitals in Hyderabad is KIMS Hospital it is worth getting treatment there.


1. Does a urologist treat pelvic floor disorders?

UTIs, incontinence, cancer, and issues with male infertility are just a few of the ailments that urologists can treat. Urogynecologists treat female patients and concentrate on symptoms of pelvic floor problems, prolapse, and urine incontinence.

2. What distinguishes urogynecology from gynaecology?

Specialists in the care of the female reproductive system are called gynaecologists. This includes the ovaries, vagina, uterus, and cervix. Specialists in the male reproductive system and the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the urinary tract in both male and female patients are urologists.

3. Which is the Best Urogynecology Hospitals in Hyderabad?

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS hospital) is the Hospitals for Gynecology in Hyderabad & Top Urology Hospital in Hyderabad



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