Ex Vivo Perfusion


All potential recipients undergo a screening process to check for their eligibility. In the same way, the pair of lungs also go through a detailed screening to check for their transplant viability. This is where the EVLP comes into the picture. If they are healthy, then an immediate transplant is done otherwise they are considered for EVLP.

EVLP simulates an environment of the lungs inside the body. Armed with a ventilator and filtration system, the donated lungs are placed inside a plastic dome which maintains a steady temperature. A specialised solution that helps maintain nutrients and oxygen and at the same time clearing out bacteria and maintaining stability is given.
The transplant team does a deep evaluation of the lungs blood vessel pressure, oxygen capacity and tissue elasticity among other procedures once the lungs are flushed out and ventilated. Basis the state of the donor lungs, the transplant team has the flexibility to recalibrate their plans.



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