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Painless Piles Treatment in Hyderabad

You are not alone in your fight against piles. Let us strive together. We have the best team of Surgical Gastroenterologists who focuses on personalized piles care and aim to reach the goal of making the patient piles-free.

Laser treatment has many advantages like:

Faster recovery

Painless Surgery

Fewer chances of infection

Bloodless procedure

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Dr. Naveen Kumar CH
Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, GI Onco Surgeon, Advanced Laparoscopic, HPB Surgery & Bariatric Surgery
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Dr. V. Pavan Kumar
Consultant Surgical Gastroenterology HPB & Minimal Access Surgery, GI Oncologist
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Advanced Laser Piles Treatment

What are Piles?

Piles, medically known as Hemorrhoids are essentially veins that get swollen in the rectum and anus regions.

Types Of Piles 

Piles are usually of two types- internal and external. Those around the anus region, under the skin, are external piles and those which develop inside the rectum are internal piles.

Laser Treatment of Piles

KIMS Hospital has the most effective laser treatment for painless recovery from piles.

Laser Piles Treatment kondapur

  • Treatment is painless.
  • Highly effective for many diseases and conditions.
  • Eliminates pain.
  • Reduces the need for pharmaceuticals.
  • Restores normal range of motion and physical function.

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What are Piles? -

Piles is enlarged veins located at the junction of Rectum and anus commonly known as Hemorrhoids. With some instances, the tissues and veins in the Anus Channel become swollen and causes Hemorrhoids.

Can piles be cured with medicines? -

Doctor might recommend over-the counter medications if your piles only show mild symptoms. Painkillers, creams, pads and ointments can help soothe the swelling and redness around the anal region. These medications do not cure the condition but only help with the symptoms. You should not use them for more than a week. Doing so can result in thinning of the skin.

Can piles become cancer? -

Piles do not lead to cancer. However, the primary indication to many people that they may be suffering from hemorrhoids is blood in the stool, on the toilet paper, or in the toilet bowl after a bowel movement.

How painful is piles surgery? -

Apart from open and closed hemorrhoidectomy, other procedures are relatively painless. As with any surgery, hemorrhoidectomies also have few complications that include:-Bleeding -Inability to pass urine -Lack of voluntary control over urinating or defecating

Is there a painless piles surgery -

Apart from open and closed hemorrhoidectomy, other procedures are relatively painless. As with any surgery.

When can I go home after laser treatment of piles? -

The healing process is fast since there are no incisions, stitches or wounds. Moreover, the pain post the treatment is bearable and the recovery time is fast; most patients resume normal activities within a few days.

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