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Best Scoliosis Treatment in Hyderabad

The Dept of Spine Surgery at KIMS Hospitals has the best spine surgeons that combine experience, knowledge, and innovation to provide the best surgical procedures for treating challenging spine problems. At KIMS Hospitals Kondapur, the Department of Spine Surgery is dedicated to offering the best surgical and medical treatment for the health of your spine. Dr. K. Sri Krishna Chaitanya, one of the top scoliosis surgeons in India, is available to treat any spine-related problems for you at an affordable cost.

Advantages of Scoliosis Treatment at KIMS Hospitals:

Faster Recovery & Early Mobility

Less Blood Loss

State of the Art Navigation Guided Surgery

Minimal Post-operative Pain

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Best Surgical Procedure for Scoliosis

Spinal fusion with direct vertebral rotation

During this surgery, the vertebrae of the spine are joined, so they are incapable of moving independently. Between the vertebrae are pieces of bone or a substance resembling bone. Whereas the old & new bone materials fuse, that portion of the spine is often kept straight and stable using metal rods, hooks, screws, or wires. Vertebrae are rotated using special devices to get a maximum deformity correction.

Expandable rod / growing rods in children

Surgeons can place one or two expandable rods along the spine that can be lengthened as the kid grows if scoliosis develops quickly at a young age. The rods are surgically or remotely extended every three to six months in the centre.

Non Operative Treatment

We have good bracing techniques which can correct the deformity in selected children if they are diagnosed early.

Minimally Invasive Deformity Correction for Adults (MISDIF)

We perform new techniques like Oblique lumbar inter body fusion and ALIF to reassess the deformity and do and minimally invasive surgery with navigation, This dose not involve cutting of muscle or bone, so recovery is very fast.

Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT)

This procedure requires a few little incisions. Screws border the aberrant spinal curvature, and a sturdy, flexible cable is threaded between the screws. The spine straightens when the cable is pulled tighter. The spine may become even more straight as the youngster matures.

What are the Scoliosis Symptoms and Signs?

There are several signs and symptoms of scoliosis. Consult our expert if following symptoms are noticed, make a doctor's visit.

  • Rib cages are at elevated distances 
  • Shoulders are unequal - One or both shoulder blades may protrude 
  • Head is not positioned squarely over the pelvis
  • One or both hips are elevated or exceptionally high
  • Uneven waist - Skin above the spine changes in texture or appearance (dimples, hairy areas, odd colour) 
  • The entire body sags to one side

Clear doubts with


What is scoliosis surgery? -

The lateral curvature of the spine is referred to as scoliosis. Typically, the growth spurt before puberty is when this problem may manifest. Scoliosis can develop in persons with various conditions, congenital bone formation abnormalities and other conditions such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. However, the leading cause of scoliosis in youngsters is still unclear.

What potential causes may there be for scoliosis? -

Although the precise causes of scoliosis are still unknown, some of the different types of the condition may be brought on by congenital disabilities that affect how the spine's bones develop, spinal cord abnormalities, infections or injuries, certain neuromuscular disorders like muscular dystrophy or a cerebral palsy, or even prior surgery on the chest wall as a baby.

Are there any serious side effects from scoliosis? -

Scoliosis can occasionally result in consequences such as breathing difficulties, improper lung maturation, back concerns, and even worse alterations in the person's appearance.

What are the limitations following scoliosis surgery? -

It's important to bend from the hips while maintaining a straight back. Following surgery, no bike riding for one month. Squatting and sitting after floor to be avoided for a month. No jogging, leaping, or sports for three months following surgery for 3 months. Contact sports to be avoided for 6 months.

How much does scoliosis surgery cost? -

Although there is no set price for scoliosis surgery, it’s not very expensive.  However, the cost of scoliosis surgery will differ from one hospital to another, from one doctor to another, and depending on the specialists' procedures and methods.

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