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What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are twisted, bulging veins. Any superficial vein (one that is close to the skin's surface) might become a varicose vein. Walking and standing put pressure on the veins in the lower body. Varicose veins most frequently affect the leg veins. In many cases, varicose veins and spider veins, a common, slight variation of varicose veins, are merely a cosmetic concern for people. Varicose veins in others may cause them to suffer from extreme pain and agony. Sometimes, more serious problems might be caused by varicose veins.

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Varicose Veins Treatment in Kondapur

Cause of Varicose Veins:

Varicose veins can result from weak or damaged valves. The arteries in the body carry blood from the heart to every part of the body. Blood returns to the heart through veins from the rest of the body. Leg veins must defy gravity to return blood to the heart.

Risks related to Varicose Veins:

We cannot enjoy daily activities because of pain in our veins. It turns every day into a significant issue. Ageing, Sex, pregnancy, family history, obesity, and prolonged standing or sitting are only a few of the causes of varicose veins.

Complications in Varicose Veins:

Although they are rare, problems from varicose veins might happen.

Ulcers: In the vicinity of the ankles, the skin around varicose veins may grow painful ulcers. Usually, a skin discoloration shows up before an ulcer does. Consult your doctor right away if you think you have a leg ulcer.

Blood Clot: The swelling and soreness in the legs might occasionally be brought on by swollen deep leg veins. A doctor should examine consistent leg discomfort or swelling since these may be symptoms of a blood clot.

Bleeding: Ruptured veins are those that are near to the skin. Despite the fact that this normally only causes minimal bleeding, medical attention is still required.

Varicose Vein Treatment in Hyderabad

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Does Insurance Cover Treatment for Varicose Veins? -

Varicose vein removal is often covered by insurance for the majority of people who seek treatment for the condition. This is because insurance companies understand that vein sickness is a serious, non-cosmetic condition.

What is duration to recover after Laser Treatment? -

After the anesthetic effect wears off, you can begin walking right away, usually after two to three hours. Although you must wear compression stockings for two weeks, your normal activities won't be affected.

Does receiving laser therapy include any risks? -

The laser technique has no significant aftereffects. In fact, two to three hours following surgery, you can begin walking. Minor bumps and soreness that doesn't interfere with your everyday activities might occur at first.

What is Sclerotherapy/Foam Treatment? -

For both men and women, foam sclerotherapy is a less invasive method of getting rid of unattractive varicose and spider veins.

How is the process carried out? -

Lidocaine injections, a numbing medication, are used throughout the surgery, which lasts roughly an hour. The vein is threaded with a tiny laser fibre. Blood is forced to go to other, healthy veins as a result of the laser's energy sealing off the vein.

Will this operation result in a complete disappearance of my varicose veins? -

In the majority of instances, the discomfort and appearance of the varicose veins will be significantly reduced. For individuals who want an even more dramatic aesthetic outcome after the treatment, we do provide sclerotherapy.

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