Pancreatic transplantation is reserved primarily for type 1 diabetics who have end stage kidney failure and require a kidney transplant. Patients with kidney failure may receive pancreatic transplantation, either simultaneously with the kidney or in a separate procedure following kidney transplantation.

Additionally, pancreas transplantation is beneficial for diabetics who no longer develop symptoms when their blood sugar gets too low (hypoglycaemic unawareness), develop frequent episodes of life threatening ketoacidosis and coma or who cannot effectively control their diabetes through insulin injections and diet (brittle diabetes). Under some circumstances pancreas transplantation may be utilized for treatment of type 2 diabetics with renal failure.

Our Pancreatic Transplant Program calls upon the expertise of wide range of healthcare providers, ensuring that our patients receive the most advanced, multidisciplinary care. Transplantation is a life-altering procedure. Organ recipients require life-long immunosuppressant medications and careful monitoring. Throughout the transplant process, we partner closely with donors and recipients and their referring physicians to enable a seamless continuum of care, while helping patients and their families navigate emotional, financial and logistical concerns.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes diabetologists, nephrologists, transplant surgeons, nurse coordinators, practice assistants, psychologists, nutritionists, pharmacists and infectious disease specialists.

We have performed the first pancreas transplant (simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant) in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.



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