11 tips for cancer patients

Date : Tuesday, July 26, 2016
11  tips  for  cancer  patients

When diagnosed with cancer there is an emotional upheaval, the start of a lengthy medical treatment, a stressful phase of life, a struggle between life and death. The presumptions of a normal human being are understandable as they are not completely connected to the medical world. Cancer support centers in Hyderabad say that there are a lot of people who are not aware of the advancement in treatment of cancers and most importantly that with a strict monitoring of your health your cancer is treatable.

While getting your cancer treated, cancer treatment centers in Hyderabad suggest you to follow certain tips to stay strong and healthy as the treatment procedures may weaken your strengths and the inner core.

1. Life is surprising: Life is a precious gift we say to ourselves. Let’s also see the twist here. It is not smooth. When you are happy there you see a storm coming. Do not let cancer destroy your inner peace. Take a deep breath. Every problem has a solution. Look unto it.

2.The Right oncologist: Your search after the diagnosis would be to find the best medical oncology doctors in India. Not every oncologist is aware of latest procedures that take you on a road to recovery. You should not waste your time running around when you are in an advance stage. Make sure you are in good hands.

3.The medicines ain’t all: Cancer alone being treated and the rest other area of the body being omitted is not the right treatment. The whole of your body needs attention, dietary recommendations, supplements, stress management tips also need to be dealt with.

4.Reduce Inflammation: Consume a lot of veggies, greens, legumes, seeds, whole grains, and fruits. Choose low glycemic fruits, organic foods and avoid processed foods. Prefer plant food as the main dish and the rest others as main dish.

5. Consume fresh juices: Do not use packed juices. Make fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices or the same as smoothies at your home. Irrespective of it being green juices, fruit juices. Take 3 ounces of veggies as against 1 fruit. Juices are nutrient rich and are energizing and leave you active for the entire day.

6.Self hygiene: Choose products that are free from cancer as it may trigger your cancer. Hence, talk to your physician about the products you use and he may advice you with something better that are devoid of chemicals.

7.Keep yourself active: Take a walk or work out at the gym with the help of a physical trainer. The body apart from getting toned will stabilize your bodily functions despite the strong cancer treatments. You shall also distract yourself and remain active and focus more on getting better.

8.Sleep well: 6-8 hours of sleep will keep all your stress away. So sleep well and forget the rest of the things. Do not drink coffee or tea before noon. Darken your room, open the window and sleep like a baby.

9.Wrangle your stress: You are stressed. Agreed for it’s cancer. Persue your hobbies like painting, writing, pottery etc. Stress can disrupt your health. Keep it at bay.

10.Accept the state: Let what it may be. Accept your state. Persue to change. Struggle and do not give up. The pain is momentary and what lies ahead is the change and wait for it patiently.

11.Educate: Read self help books on cancer. It may guide you to what you can expect from cancer and get yourself prepared.


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