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Dr. S. Mohan Das


Chief Consultant Neurologist

Neurology, Stroke Unit
Alzheimers Clinic, Multiple Sclerosis

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Lecturer Neurology AIIMS, New Delhi
April 1978 - June 1979
Lecturer Neurology, GB Pant, New Delhi
June 1979 - Nov 1980
Consultant Neurologist, Lusaka, Zambia
Nov 1980 - June 1983
Asst Prof Neuro, Kumool Med College
Nov 1984 - Jan16, 1985
Asst Prof Neurology, NIMS, Hyderabad
Jan17, 1985 - Sep15, 1986
Asso Prof Neurology, NIMS
Sep 16, 1986 - June30, 1989
Prof. Nerology, NIMS, Hyderabad
Janl, 1989 - Feb29, 2004
Head of Neurology, NIMS, Hyderabad
Marl, 2001 - Feb29, 2004
Dean of faculty (add!. charge), NIMS
Oct1, 2001 - Mar31, 2002
Chief Neurologist, KIMS, Hyderabad
Mar I, 2004 onwards


Several bublications in national and international journals

Awards And Honors


Vice president of A.P. Neuroscientists Association 1995 - 1996.

President Of.A.P. Neuroscientists Association 1996 - 1997

Honorary Secretary of the Twin Cities Neurological Society

Organizing Secretary of the Sixth IAN at Hyderabad 1998

Delivered Sixth Capt. Venkaiah Oration at Vijayawada, December 1996

Presidential Oration of 3rd AP Neuroscientists meet at Vijayawada, June 1997

convenor of the CME of 5th IAN conference at Chennai, September 1997

convenor of the CME of 6th IAN conference at Hyderabad, September 1998

convenor of the CME of 7th IAN conference at Calcutta, September 1999

Life member of Neurological Society of India, Indian Academy of Neurology, Andhra Pradesh Neuroscientists association and Twin cities Neurological Society

Examiner of DM Neurology & Mch Neurosurgery Fellow of the Indian Academy of Neurology


Academic Career and qualifications:

King George's Medical College Lucknow India
Junior Refident:
Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi
Jan 1970 to Dee 1971
MD Internal Medicine
Safdarjang Hospital, Delhi University
Senior Resident, Neurology
Safdarjang Hospital
June 1973 to May 1975
Senior Resident, Neurology
AIIMS, New Delhi
May 1975 to April 1978
DM Neurdlogy
AIIMS. New Delhi

Research Experience:

Research officer ICMR - Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi, May 1972 - June 1973

Cloni9ine as interval therapy in migrain~ institutional study, AIIMS 1980

GLA ih diabetic neuropathy-multicentric international trial 1999

Sentintl (epidemiological study conducted for WHO)-Surveillance of industrial population for hypertension and cerebrovascular disease (published in WHO bulletin 2006).

Other Qualifications:

Past president of AP Neuroscientist Association

Founder secretary and President of Twin Cities Neurological association

Member scientific advisory committee of National Brain Research Center

Medicall Registration:

U.P Meqical Council 14756

A.P Medical Council 48999

Clinical Research Conducted:

International multi-centric trial of GLA in diabetic neuropathy.

Genetics in febrile convulsions

National mLti-centric trial of genetics in Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy.

symposia, Workshops & Conferences Conducted:

Botulinum Toxin in Dystonia: 4th & 5th February 1995

Botulinum txin in Spasticity: 19th February 1995

Symposium on Neuroimmunology and role of Immunoglobulins (lsiven V.I) January 28th 1996.

Symposium on Neuromuscular diseases. February 25th 1997.

Organising secretary of the 6th Annual Conference of the Indian Academy of Neurology,September 1998, Hyderabad.

Volumes Edited & Chapters written:

Special supplement of The Clinical proceedings of The Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences(Profeedings of the Workshop on Botulinum Toxin and Movement disorders,February 199f)

Special Supplement of The Clinical Proceedings of The Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences(proceedingS of the Symposium on neuroimmunology and role of immunoglobulins)

Reviewsi in Neurology 1997, 1998 & 1999 Moya Moya Disease in Tropical Neurology edited by JS Chopra & IMS Sawhney, 1999.

International Conferences attended and papers presented:

World Congress of Neurology 1989, at New Delhi.

Acute Diiseminated Encephalomyelitis: Clinical, pathological and electrophysiological correlatiors.

Focal nonspecific meningitis

Pontine hkmorrhage and one and a half eye syndrome

World Congress of Neurology 1993 at Vancouver

Induction of Carbamazepine

Superior Ophthalmic vein thrombosis with Tamoxifen 9th AOCN 1996, Seoul

Respiratory function in AIDP: A clinical, pulmonary function and electrophysiologcal study.



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