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Dr. T. Pratap Reddy


Consultant Radiation Oncologist

Breast Centre, Radiation Oncology

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Location : KIMS Secunderabad
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Present Position

  • Consultant Radiation Oncologist and Head, Department Radiation Oncology


  • MBBS 1982, Guntur Medical college, GUNTUR, INDIA.
  • MD (R.T.) 1988, MNJ Cancer Hospital & RadiumInstitute Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad INDIA
  • FUICC (USA) 1993, Long Memorial Medical Centre ,Los Angeles ,USA.


  • Radiation Oncologist BIBI Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Hyderabad Oct 1988 to Feb 1989.
  • Training in Radiation Oncology, TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, March 1989 to August 1989
  • Consultant Radiation Oncologist ,  BIBI Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Hydererabad September 1989 to May 2004
  • Consultant Radiation Oncologist ,  Apollo Cancer Hospital Jubilee Hills Hyderabad, from June 1995 to May 2010
  • Consultant Radiation Oncologist Indo American Cancer Institute, Hyderabad July 2000 to Sep 2006
  • Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad 2004 to December 2010
  • Consultant Radiation Oncologist Yashoda Cancer Institute, Somajiguda,  Hyderabad, March 2009 to November 2010
  • Consultant Radiation Oncologist,  KIMS cancer centre,  Minister Road, Secunderabad from November 2010 onwards

Talk Delivered


National conferences

  • Breast Conservation Therapy with Primary Radiotherapy in Early Carcinoma Breast in XIVth Annual Conference of AROI – Hyderabad January 1993.
  • Experience with Primary Radiotherapy in Early Carcinoma Breast – XVIth International Cancer Congress, U.I.C.C., November,1994 New Delhi.
  • Interferons in the Management of Advanced Head and Neck Cancers, XVIIIth Conference AROI Aurangabad December, 1996
  • Intraluminal Radiotherapy and External Radiotherapy in Carcinoma Oesophagus at XIXth Annual Conference of AROI at Calcutta in November ,1999.
  • Intraluminal Radiotherapy and External Radiotherapy in Carcinoma Oesophagus at Asia Pacific Conference (APCC) held at Chennai in December, 1999.


International conferences

1. Experience with Transperineal Template in the management of Carcinoma Uterine Cervix Abstract 565 :

International Conference of Radiation Oncology (ICRO) 2001, Melbourne , Australia. DR.Prem Kumar . Dr.Pratap Reddy

2. ASTRO ( American Society of Radiation oncology) USA , 2015 Poster Presentation :

Presentation Number :  2073

Publishing Title : To study whether Curcumin and Piperine sensitize Breast cancer Cells and Breast cancer initiating cells to Radiation.


Received International Cancer Technology transfer fellowship – ICRETT by UICC (International Union Against Cancer ) for Brachytherapy in Head and Neck and Cervical Cancer , at Long Memorial Medical Centre , Los Angeles , USA 1993.

OBSERVER in International Cancer Institutes

  • West Chester Medical Centre , New York, USA : Oct 1999
  • Stich Radiation Centre – Cornell Medical Centre, New York. USA : Nov 1999
  • Institute of Gustava Roussy Cancer Institute –Paris , France. Oct 2002
  • Royal Marsden Hospital – London, Oct 2004.
  • University of Texas MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER, Houston, TX, USA May 2005.
  • UPMC Cancer Centers, Shadyside, Pittsburgh ,  Nov 2006
  • Long Beach Memorial Medical Centre , Los Angeles, USA, Oct 2007.
  • University of Texas MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER, Houston, TX, USA Radiation Oncology Visitors Programme Nov-2009.
  • University California San Diego Hospital Moorens cancer centre, San Diego October 2010
  • Henry Ford Hospital -Walter B.Ford II Department of Radiation Oncology ,Detroit, USA October 2015


International Meetings Attendance

  • Brachytherapy for Carcinoma Prostate : Temporary and Permanent implant techniques ( 16 th Annual International Brachytherapy Workshops held at Long Beach Memorial Medical Centre Los Angles in October, 1999.
  • International Conference of Radiation Oncology (ICRO) 2001, Melbourne , Australia.
  • 27th ESMO ( European Society Of Medical Oncology), October 2002 , Nice, France
  • 45th ASTRO ( American Society for Therapeutic Radiology & Oncology ), October 2003, Salt Lake City, USA.
  • 10th IGCS ( International Gynaecologic Cancer Society) Meeting- Edinburgh, Scotland ,  Oct 2004 .
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology ( ASCO) 2005 Annual Meeting, May 13-17, 2005, Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • 48th ASTRO (American Society for Therapeutic Radiology & Oncology),  Meeting ,  Nov 5-9 ,2006 ,  Philadelphia, USA.
  • 49th ASTRO 2007 Annual Meeting , Los Angeles, U S A.
  • 50th ASTRO 2008 Annual Meeting , Boston, U S A.
  • 51st ASTRO 2009 Annual Meeting , Chicago, USA.
  • 52nd ASTRO 2010 Annual Meeting , San Diego, USA
  • 53rd ASTRO 2011 Annual Meeting , Miami, USA
  • 54th ASTRO 2012 Annual Meeting , Boston, USA
  • 55th ASTRO 2013 Annual Meeting , Atlanta, USA
  • 56th ASTRO 2014 Annual Meeting , SanFrancisco, USA
  • 57th ASTRO 2015 Annual Meeting , SanAntonio, USA
  • 58th ASTRO 2016 Annual Meeting , Boston , USA



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