Heart Wellness Centre

The Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Heart Wellness Center is a lifestyle modification program for people who have heart disease. The program provides individual exercise therapy and educational classes under medical supervision.

Our Centre’s multidisciplinary team of Caring Health Professionals is dedicated to improving your quality of life and is prepared to address your concerns about activity levels, diet, medications, and lifestyle changes, making us one of the best hear wellness clinics in Hyderabad.

There are more than 40 patients per day at our centre, who take benefit of our:

  • Sleek, Modern Gym
  • Comprehensive Weekly Education Classes
  • Individually Tailored Exercise Program
  • Precise Electronic Monitoring of Your Progress
  • Psychological and Social Support
  • 12-Week Medically Supervised Programs
  • Continuous Maintenance Programs

To reach more people in the twin cities, we have recently opened a heart wellness centre in Secunderabad with all the facilities available, including the best heart wellness specialist in Secunderabad.



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