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We are one of the largest corporate healthcare groups in AP and Telangana in terms of number of patients treated and treatments offered, according to the CRISIL Report. We provide multi-disciplinary integrated healthcare services, with a focus on primary secondary & tertiary care in Tier 2-3 cities and primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary healthcare in Tier 1 cities. We operate 12 multi-specialty hospitals under the “KIMS Hospitals” brand, with an aggregate bed capacity of over 3,600 beds. We offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services across over 25 specialties and super specialties, including cardiac sciences, oncology, neurosciences, gastric sciences, orthopaedics, organ transplantation, renal sciences and mother & child care.  
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KIMS Hospitals, one of the largest corporate healthcare groups is known as the best hospital in Hyderabad. According to the CRISIL Report, the massive size of the hospital is primarily because of the whopping number of patients they treat and the vast array of treatments they provide!

Awarded with the Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI) award, 2017, Krishna Institute operates 12 multi-speciality hospitals under the "KIMS Hospitals" brand, making them the best multi-speciality hospital in Hyderabad.


With an aggregate bed capacity of over 3600 beds, KIMS Hospital is unequivocally the top hospital in Hyderabad.


Besides this, KIMS Hospitals offers different healthcare services in more than 25 specialities and super specialities, making it the best super speciality hospital in Hyderabad. The various specialities and departments include neurosciences, robotic science, reproductive sciences, dental science, oncological sciences, organ transplantation, heart and lung transplantation and mother and child care. Hence, there is no doubt why they are the most popular and top hospital in Hyderabad!


Being one of the top hospitals in Hyderabad in innovation, KIMS Hospitals aims to facilitate the health of our patients using the latest technology and advancement in medical science. So, your search for the top hospital in Hyderabad ends with the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Hospitals.


While providing impeccable healthcare services to the patients, KIMS Hospitals maintains affordable rates for services. One of the largest hospitals in a single location in South India is it’s Secunderabad unit, with a capacity of 1,000 beds. Consult the best doctors in every speciality by visiting the Top hospital in Hyderabad.



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