Scope of Services

By offering this comprehensive range of treatments, KIMS Kingsway Hospitals is dedicated to providing expert care, cutting-edge surgical techniques, and compassionate support to satisfy the unique needs of each patient in our Department of Breast Surgery.

  1. Lump Biopsies: Our department specializes in performing accurate and minimally invasive lump biopsies, ensuring precise diagnosis and treatment planning.
  2. Near Scarless Surgery for Benign Lumps: We offer advanced techniques that result in minimal scarring for benign lump removal, prioritizing both medical effectiveness and aesthetic outcomes.
  3. Breast Conservation Surgery: Our competent surgeons are trained in breast conservation techniques that try to eliminate malignant tissue while maintaining the breast's natural look.
  4. Oncoplastic Surgery for Breast Cancer: Our team specializes in oncoplastic surgery, combining oncological principles with plastic surgery techniques to conserve the breast's shape and size during cancer treatment.
  5. Mastectomy: For cases requiring mastectomy, our skilled surgeons provide compassionate care and comprehensive surgical solutions tailored to individual patient needs.
  6. Axilla Conserving Procedures: We offer procedures that effectively address axillary (underarm) issues related to breast surgery, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality for patients.
  7. Treatment of Lymphedemas: Our department is equipped to manage and treat lymphedema, a potential side effect of breast surgery, using proven techniques to enhance patient well-being.
  8. Breast Augmentation: We provide breast augmentation services for individuals seeking to enhance their breast size, utilizing safe and advanced surgical techniques.
  9. Breast Size Reduction: Our experienced surgeons perform breast size reduction surgeries, aiming to improve comfort, alleviate pain, and enhance patients' overall quality of life.

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