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The dynamics of diabetes care are evolving due to the rising incidence of diabetes, an aging population with a growing number of chronic illnesses, shifting patient expectations, and the creation of novel therapies and technologies. Modern diabetology services, such as early screening tools, counselling and education for diabetic patients and the most effective treatment methods for patient recovery, are all part of KIMS-Kingsway Hospitals commitment to solving this issue.

In order to provide individuals with diabetes with access to the entire spectrum of diabetes skills and knowledge, KIMS-Kingsway Hospitals understands the necessity for local services to prioritize efficiency and high-quality care. Our teams of dedicated and highly qualified diabetic consultants (Top Diabetologist in Nagpur) provide more routine diabetes care, including a large portion of the support that many people with diabetes need on a daily basis. Our interdisciplinary specialist diabetes team, which includes doctors, dieticians, and nurses with expertise in diabetes, continues to be the center of excellence for diabetes care. We provide patient-focused care because we think that by providing appropriate knowledge and collaborating in care planning, persons with diabetes should be empowered to take care of themselves wherever possible and supported in making any necessary lifestyle adjustments.

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