Infrastructure and Facilities


Our ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at KIMS Bollineni Hospital is a superior unit, which is designed with a capacity of 15 beds. World class facilities are backed by excellent staff who offer their total commitment to delivering the best patient experience at all times.

We offer a highly sterile environment that is maintained with clinical precision and conforms to various international standards of hospital maintenance and functioning, our ICU units are equipped with the best facilities and equipment, compared to any hospital in Andhra Pradesh. Some of our facilities in ICU department include:

  • Centralized Monitoring System
  • Agilent make, multichannel monitors
  • HP brand Codemaster
  • Ventilators from Siemens
  • Syringe pumps and nebulizer pumps from Medal

All our ICU services function round-the- clock and provide critical care to patients at all times. We handle various types of emergency cases that require immediate attention to save the lives of patients. Our ICU staff is constantly trained and motivated to deliver the best service at all times and save the lives of your loved ones by acting in a quick and responsive manner.


KIMS Bollineni hospital has a full-fledged diagnostic utility that cater to the needs of patients who visit our hospital. We have an advanced centre for handling various types of diagnostic and lab services that are required on a daily basis. This ensures a very high standard of quality and close monitoring of lab reports across the entire hospital.

Some of the services offered under our diagnostic and laboratory wing include:

  • 2D echo (Colour Doppler)
  • Tread Mill Test
  • Electro Cardiogram(ECG)
  • Digital X Ray

In addition to a host of diagnostic services, our hospital has a wide range laboratory investigations. These include.

  • Laboratory Infrastructure consisting of Semi-Auto Analyzer
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Incubator Centrifuge
  • Bipolar Binocular Microscope
  • ELISA readers
  • Multi Parameter Cell Counter
  • Water Baths for pathological, Serological, Bio chemical Microbiological investigations.

KIMS Bollineni Hospitals has a highly advanced mobile ICU ambulance unit, equipped with various types of facilities for handling various types of emergency cases. We have a set of highly trained ambulance staff who are trained to handle any type of emergency.

Our Mobile ICU services are unique since they provide a range of features that help save patients’ life when there is very small time window. This one of a kind mobile ICU unit is only present with Bollineni hospital and is boon to patients who require the best treatment in an emergency scenario.

We also provide standard ambulances services through our emergency number which are available 24 hours a day on call. Every one of our ambulance staff is highly trained and can perform emergency procedures with a high level of skill and precision.


KIMS Bollineni has a state of the art pharmacy designed to provide quality professional care. The pharmacy is a central node to the functioning of the hospital by providing the various supplies of medicine and medical consumables in a refined and automated manner. Our pharmacy department uses an advanced pharmacy module that is designed to automate the various tasks of the pharmacy while ensuring a seamless experience for our patients and their attendants.

Some of the key features of our pharmacy include:

  • 24X7 operation of the pharmacy to provide uninterrupted service to patients.
  • Advanced stock maintenance facilities for storing over 5000 different types of medications
  • Better prices than most pharmacies
  • Latest Medicine batches sourced from various manufacturers directly for the highest quality and shelf life.
  • A large supply of essential medicines that are required on a daily basis by the hospital is always available including hard to find drugs, which are not being produced in large numbers.

KIMS Bollineni hospitals provides varied and high quality canteen services for our patients. We have designed our canteen to be functionally efficient and offer the best food quality for our patients. Designed to the highest standards our canteen department is equipped with high quality machinery, which ensure minimal human contact of the food by human hand. This ensures a higher level of sterility and better hygiene when the food is prepared with minimal human contact.

We have a team of dieticians who perform a careful analysis of patient diet requirements and prepare a range of wholesome meals that are given to patients to ensure their rapid recovery and enhanced nourishment.


KIMS Bollineni hospital has one of the best Acute Medical Care Units (AMCU) that has been designed after a thorough study of the best AMCU units in various hospitals across India. Our AMCU unit is well equipped to handle any type of emergency.

With a highly systematic approach towards the treatment process and an evolved process of AMCU management, Bollineni hospitals is able to provide a level of AMCU service that is on par and many times exceeds even the biggest hospitals in India. Our staff have a total commitment towards patient care and are available 24 hours of the day to handle all medical emergencies in a quick and effective manner. We have equipped our AMCU unit with the following specialized equipment sourced from world leaders in the healthcare segment.

  • HP Monitors
  • High quality Pulse Oximeters
  • Centralized network monitors to provide information on critical life sign parameters
  • Highly sterile environment designed with HEPA filters and dust curtains
  • Unified gas supply system for oxygen and other gases
  • High quality Siemens Ventilators
  • Valley Lab Apparatus

A culmination of world class equipment and the best human skill have made our AMCU unit highly sought after by various referral doctors who trust our healthcare treatment standards when compared to any other hospital.


KIMS Bollineni Hospital has a department of causality that is fully equipped to manage any type of emergency conditions before referring them to a specific department or any other Intensive Care Unit.

Our department of causality has the following equipment to handle various types of emergencies. Our equipment list includes the following:

  • HP Monitors
  • Puritan Benetton and Siemens ventilators
  • Nelcor pulse oximeters
  • Multiple parameter monitors with a central network
  • Centralized gas supply system
  • Syringe pumps and infusion pumps
  • Anaesthesia ventilators
  • Valley Lab Diathermy Apparatus

Our causality processes are designed to ensure seamless patient treatment across various departments within the hospital and react quickly to any type of medical requirement, which may be needed by the patient.



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