Medical Oncology

Cancer Hospital In Vizag

The Medical Oncology Department at KIMS works in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and management of patients with cancer. Our physicians trained in this specialty aim to provide the best possible outcome for cancer patients, whether that is a cure, or palliation and prolongation of good quality life. They also provide counseling for patients and their families. Our medical oncologists discuss treatment options with patients, supervise the therapy, and manage any complications of the disease and/or treatment that may arise.

Our specialists use drugs in the treatment of cancer and administer therapies to patients. They use high-level communication skills to fully involve patients in treatment decisions, and counsel patients and families on cancer genetics, screening and preventative measures. Our medical and clinical oncologists often work in partnership together, and clinical oncology covers both the therapeutic administration of ionizing radiation (radiotherapy) and cytotoxic chemotherapy.

KIMS Hospital at Vizag now stands out as a pioneer in the treatment of cancer and its fight against the scourge that devours many bright individuals. KIMS is a bridge between life and Cancer, Choose life, and come to KIMS. KIMS Hospital has redefined cancer treatment by attending many national and international patients suffering from rare forms of cancer and achieving success and breakthroughs in conquering most of them. The flow of patients to KIMS Hospital’s topmost and state-of-the-art cancer institute at Vizag proves our dedication and success in treating cancers.

The best oncologists and cancer specialists doctors specialize in providing unflinching treatment by using the best techniques in radiation oncology, medical oncology in the field of prostate gland cancers, ovarian cancers, brain cancers, and colon cancers and many more by using latest techniques such as True Beam STX, Robotic procedures, and new nuclear medicinal advancements in the detection and treatment of rare types of cancers and malignancies which were once invincible.



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