Interventional Cardiology Centre

The Department of Interventional Cardiology at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences is among the nation's busiest providers of cardiac catheterization procedures, with 13 laboratories in near-constant use. Our specialists in cardiology in Kurnool work in tandem with specially trained nurses and nationally recognized colleagues from the hospital's cardiac surgery and arrhythmia and pacemaker programs.

Cardiac Interventional Procedures are mainstays in the treatment of patients with cardiac disease or defects. Treatments performed in our department include coronary interventions for clearing blocked coronary vessels and device closure techniques used to repair certain congenital defects.

We perform over 1200 cardiac catheterization procedures and interventional cardiology treatments annually, and our department is made up of doctors dedicated to this specialty. This experience is no doubt a factor in why we are nationally recognized for the consistently low mortality rates associated with our cardiac catheterization caseload. To reach more people, KIMS has opened our interventional cardiology clinics in Kurnool, one of the best in the area.

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