• Electrophysiology lab : State of art electrophysiology lab with well qualified technologist is at KIMS. We offer comprehensive neuro-electrophysiology work up and tests at affordable rates.
  • VEEG lab: Short routine EEG, Short VEEG and Longterm EEG for evaluation of epilepsy and sleep lab. We have 4 state of art VEEG machines.
  • Nerve condution tests – Neurophysiological testing of sensory and motor nerve functions of limbs as well as other nerves.
  • EMG- electomyography surface and needle EMG facility available. This test is needed for diagnosis of nerve and muscle diseases.
  • VEP- visual evoked potential – for electrophysiological testing of anterior visual pathyway specially optic nerve.
  • BEAR- Brainstem evoked response audiometry – for testing of ear and brainstem function.
  • SSEP - Somatosensory evoked potential – electrophysiological testing testing of sensory pathyway.
  • Intraoprative Electrocorticography, cortical stimulation.
  • TCD- Trans Cranial doppler, this non invasive test is useful for finding out arterial status and blood flow of cerebral arteries.
  • Tremor analysis test- Electrophysiological testing of nature of tremor and its frequency.
  • Autonomic function tests – Patients having diabetic and other autonomic neuropathy this battery of tests done by electrophysiology machine are useful for finding out imbalance of autonomic function system.
  • RNS- repetitive nerve stimulation test- useful for diagnoisis of muscle weakness in patients having Myasthenia Gravis.
  • Single fiber EMG- useful for patients having myasthenia gravis.

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