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Our Specialities include

Brain Tumors

Being a tertiary referral center, KIMS has one of the largest and most complete programs for brain tumor treatment in the country. The multi-disciplinary Neuro-oncology team employs state-of-the-art treatment protocols, surgical techniques, adjuvant chemotherapies, and basic laboratory research aimed at improving outcomes for all tumours including the most challenging and complex brain tumors.

Our neurosurgeons also have expertise in X-Knife radiosurgery and work with radiation oncologists to optimize radiation therapy for brain tumors. Management techniques are case specific and tailored to the individual needs of each patient. The Brain Tumor Types include Gliomas, Meningiomas, Acoustic Neuromas, Pituitary Tumors,Skull Based Tumors metastases etc

Spine Care

It provides the most advanced diagnostics and treatments available to patients with spinal disorders and injuries. The multidisciplinary team has expertise in the treatment of Spine injuries, tumors, cervical and lumbar disc disease, previous failed spine surgeries, syringomyelia etc. The Spine Institute also offers most sophisticated spine imaging technology,Intra-operatively CT sacn, continuous real-time electrophysiology monitoring to detect any neurological injury ensures the safest possible result. Image-guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including nerve blocks, functional discography and vertebroplasties are also available.

Cerebrovascular Diseases

The multidisciplinary team offers a range of treatment options, aneurysmal surgery, surgery for AVMs, Carotid end arterectomy, stenting and Decompressive craniectomy for large strokes. It includes the use of minimally invasive techniques, like aneurysm coiling.

Functional Neurosurgery

KIMS has the most active epilepsy surgery programmes. The surgeries performed include surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy, Extra-temporal epilepsy, functional hemispherotomies, resection of hypothalamic hamartoma and corpus callasotomy. We perform invasive depth and subdural grid recordings, inta operative electro corticography , cortical stimulation including awake surgery and neuronavigation guided resection for better outcome.

The department maintains an active program in surgery for movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and Dystonia. It includes Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease, Essential Tremor or dystonia.


The Radiosurgery System is designed to treat tumors anywhere in the brain with a sub-millimeter accuracy. It can treat intracranial and spinal tumors.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

We perform advanced operative techniques, including microsurgery, for the treatment of infants and children with brain Tumors, hydrocephalus, vascular Disorders, head and spine Injuries, myelomeningocele, other Congenital Malformations and epilepsy surgery.

Endoscopic Procedures

All types of intracranial and spinal endoscopic procedures are performed at the institute.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

We have the expertise to treat recent injuries to their peripheral nerve system, nerve tumors and entrapment syndromes. Surgical management is used to repair nerves and include intraoperative nerve studies and monitoring, nerve grafting and nerve decompression.

Pain Management

The Pain Management facilty offers state-of-the-art pain relief treatment and education to patients with acute and chronic pain. The procedure include Placement of spinal-cord stimulators, Percutaneous rhizotomy, Dorsal root entry zone (DREZ) lesions etc.


The Neurotrauma service provides acute neurosurgical care and operative care for head-injuries. Neurosurgeons are available in house to take care of neurotrauma round the clock.

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