Radiology and Imageology


The equipment is state of the art at KIMS, in imaging technology, with the latest digital picture archiving and Information Management Systems. The consultants have received extensive training and gained immense experience and expertise in their specific areas of clinical service, which assures consistent, high quality patient care while dealing with rare and complex pathologies.


Sigma Infinity MRI with Excite (Multi Channel Imaging Technology) ensures faster speed, particularly in geriatric, paediatric and trauma patients. Routine brain, Spine, Body, Musculoskeletal imaging, , MRA, MRV, Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging, CSF Flow Studies, MR Spectroscopy and so on can be acquired with greater resolution and speed than any other comparable systems.

64 Detector Row Multi- Slice CT

Brilliance 64 of Philips, a 64 detector row CT Scanner for ultrafast scanning of heart's blood vessels, (CT Coronary Angio), and for scanning larger areas of the body in shorter time. High quality CT Perfusion, CT Angiography, Virtual Endoscopy, 3D reconstructions etc., can be performed.

Digital mammography

The digital mammography unit at KIMS is only the second such unit in the country and produces high quality mammography /images for detecting of breast cancer at its earliest stage.

Advanced Colour Doppler and Ultrasound Imaging.

Advanced Colour Doppler and Ultrasound Equipment of Philips GE with Tru Scan Imaging Technology is provided with 3 D capabilities and extended field of view . Entire range of Ultra Sonographic examinations like abdomen OB/GYN small parts, vascular, urology, paediatric imaging and various ultrasound guided procedures can be performed with ease.

Computed Digital Radiography

Replacing conventional Radiography for reducing patient radiation dose, and for giving excellent diagnostic quality /images, the department has a 500 ma Image Intensifier, 400 ma HF and 300 ma X –Ray Unit . The department is also equipped with 60 ma mobile X-ray units for emergency bedside Radiography.

Interventional Radiology:

The department has a DSA Lab ( Cath Lab) with 3D rotational Angio and interactive bolus chase facilities, for the first time in this part of the country for performing diagnostic Angiography, Complex Peripheral Vascular Neuro Vascular and Non-Vascular procedures.

The department is equipped with

  • 3.0T & 1.5T MRI Scanners achieving high quality examination and faster speed.
  • State of the art equipment – Cardiac CT- 128 & CT-64 Detector Row Multi Slice Scanners.
  • Advanced Colour Doppler & Ultrasound equipment with 3D capability and expanded field of view imaging.
  • Digital & Computed radiography, replacing conventional radiography for reducing patient radiation dose.
  • Digital mammography – stenography DS digital mammography system.
  • Digital image intensifier, Digital X-ray Unit, Portable Ultrasound machines & mobile X-Ray units for performing various procedures and providing instant bedside care to the patient. All imaging guided procedures are performed in the department.
  • A unique, advanced, dedicated Flat Panel DSA Lab for Radiology procedures – FD20 of Philips with 3D Rotational Angio, XperCT, 3D Road Map, Interactive Bolus Chase and other advanced facilities – used for the first time in these parts of the country for performing diagnostic angiography, complex peripheral vascular, neurovascular & non-vascular procedures.
  • Dexa Scan
  • PET CT
  • Gamma Camera



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