Surgical Oncology

KIMS' surgical oncology program is dedicated to offering cutting-edge, multidisciplinary treatment of primary and metastatic tumors. Our program, which collaborates with experts from different departments, represents a dedicated team of physicians working closely to provide patients with comprehensive care for cancers of the liver, pancreas, abdominal cavity, adrenal gland, soft tissue and breast. Our surgeons have all been trained and are experts in treating gastric cancer, pancreatic cancers, metastatic colon cancer, appendiceal cancers, sarcomas and melanomas.

At our multidisciplinary surgical oncology clinic, patients can visit with specialists from surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation therapy and plastic surgery during a single visit. High-quality care and sensitivity to our patients' needs are the hallmarks of surgical oncology care provided at KIMS.

Your surgical experience depends on the disease being treated and the type of procedure being performed. Surgical oncology concentrates on the surgical aspects of cancer including biopsy, staging and surgical resection of malignancies. In most cases, the surgeon removes the tumour and some tissue surrounding it. Removing nearby tissue may help prevent the tumour from growing back. Surgical oncology encompasses several specific programs, all of which are multidisciplinary to provide patients with the most comprehensive, streamlined care.

KIMS Hospital is considered as India’s topmost Hospital for surgical oncology. The surgical oncologists at KIMS Hospitals, having the experience of performing rare and critical surgeries for cancer treatments, are considered Hyderabad’s topmost and best surgical oncologists.

The best oncologists at KIMS specialize in providing unflinching treatment in the field of prostate gland cancers, ovarian cancers, brain cancers and colon cancers and many more by using latest techniques such as True Beam STX, Robotic procedures, Radiation oncology procedures and new nuclear medicinal advancements in the detection and treatment of rare types of cancers and malignancies which were once invincible.

KIMS Hospital now moves a step closer in conquering invincible cancer. Yes, we have expanded our cancer care, we are now at Kondapur, just about a 5 minutes’ drive from the major IT giants stationed in Gachibowli, Hi-tech city and Madhapur.

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