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Friday, November 8, 2019

Movement disorders or functional movement disorders or tremors are caused on account of problems of your nervous system. This problem is always reversible unlike other movement disorders lie Parkinson’s, as the cause is not the underlying neurological problem. Functional movement disorders basically occur in patients with pain from an injury that is chronic. If the injury is to the neck or spine area, the person experiences tremors or jerks. The main functional disorders which are often seen are:

  • Tremors: Tremors are excessive shaking of hands and legs is functional movement disorder. The limbs or a hand or hands start shaking uncontrollably. It may be a temporary phenomenon but may get chronic eventually.
  • Jerks or twitches: Sudden jerks in the hands or legs for a second or may be experienced by the patient. It may be a reaction to any loud noise or blaring sounds. Twitches are usually experienced around the eyes. This may occur basically due to low calcium levels in the body. They are also termed as benign fasciculation; they may be due to motor neuron disease.
  • Spasms or contractures: patients may develop abnormal postures for a brief period of time; you may have a spasm wherein their fist gets clenched involuntarily or the foot gets twisted to the right or left. A “carpopedal spasm “is a classic example.
  • Functional dystonia or fixed posture: It may occur due to weakness in the limbs or hand, mainly because of chronic pain.

The other underlying causes of movement disorder may be due to latent autoimmune causes or reaction to any medicine taken by the patient or any drug or substance abuse reactions. It usually affects adults and in certain cases juveniles also mainly due to any injury sustained by them.

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