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At KIMS, we understand that just deciding to see a fertility specialist can be a big decision. There is no substitute for experience in dealing with the fine balance that is the art and science of fertility. We provide a wide variety of treatment options and that had a top lab. Every fertility situation is different, and you should have access to the different treatment options that suit you best (e.g. surgery, PGD). Our physicians are specialists in reproductive endocrinology and fertility and are recognized as leading experts in the field of reproductive medicine.

Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment often selected by couples who have been trying to conceive for at least one year with no success. IUI may be selected as a fertility treatment with any of the following conditions: unexplained infertility, low sperm count, decreased sperm mobility, requirement of donor sperm, a hostile cervical condition, such as cervicalmucus that is too thick, cervical scar tissue from past procedures or endometriosis or ejaculation dysfunction. IUI provides the sperm an advantage by giving it a head start, but still requires a sperm to reach and fertilize the egg on its own.

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