Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine is that branch of medicine that deals with the transfusion of blood and blood components. Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) is a premier Hospital in the city and patients come from all over the state to avail its facilities. The Blood Bank at KIMS has state of the art equipment and technology for providing quality Blood products. The Department observes stringent measures to ensure that safe and good quality blood and its components are supplied to the patients. As a full service Blood bank and Transfusion Medicine Department, it operates 24 Hrs. a day following the highest standards of safety on supply of blood products for the ultimate in patient care.

Blood Bank

TheBlood bank atKIMS Department of Transfusion Medicineforms a very pivotal part of the department as well asthe hospital, extending immense help and support to the surgical and medical departments. The Blood bank specialists deal with the transfer of blood or blood products from one person (the donor) into another person's (the recipient) blood stream. Transfusion of your own blood (autologous) is the safest method but requires planning and not all patients are eligible.The overall objective of blood bank is to issue the right component with high quality, right quantity to right person at right time.

The department provides comprehensive support to all routine and specialized areas to care for obstetrical, solid organ and bone marrow transplant, general surgery and open-heart surgery and also patients with haematological disorders. In keeping wither the mission of KIMS; the Department of Transfusion Medicine is actively involved in medical education.



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