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The KIMS Sleep Disorders Center is a multidisciplinary specialty group dedicated to providing state of the art health care, developing cutting edge research and offering top tier educational programs in the area of sleep medicine. This program is a division of the KIMS Department of Neurology and incorporates a team of doctors across several specialties.

Sleep is essential to good health and poor sleep leads to increase health cost and lower quality of life. Sleep disorders produce a wide range of health and behavioral manifestations and decrease performance. Nearly one in three individuals endorse one of the major sleep complaints. The KIMS Sleep Disorders Center provides care to patients with a wide range of sleep related complaints and offers a full range behavioral, pharmacological, surgical and device related therapies to improve the symptoms and long term health effects of these disorders.

Complete sleep evaluations are provided through initial consultation and may include polysomnographic study in the Sleep Disorders Laboratory. Our sleep neurologists are Board Certified in Sleep Disorders Medicine and are nationally recognized leaders in the area of sleep medicine.

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Sleep is an essential attribute for good health and poor sleep could amplify your health issues like insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome. It may significantly affect every aspect of your life, like your work, performance, relationships, school life, mental health, and even other conditions like heart disease or diabetes. In simple words, not getting enough sleep can adversely impact your quality of life. In such situations, you visit the Best Hospital for Treatment of Sleep Disorder in Hyderabad.

Sleep disorders refer to conditions that can prevent you from getting quality sleep and as a result, could lead to symptoms like daytime sleeping. Though people may face problems with sleep from time to time, you could have a sleep disorder if you regularly experience difficulty in sleeping or if you have a reduced impaired ability to perform regular errands during the day due to less sleep.

Generally, there are approx 80 different types of sleep disorders. These disorders may be caused due to a host of factors like your body’s disrupted natural cycle of slumber and wakefulness. Other than this, other factors which may lead to sleep disorders include physical factors like ulcers, medical factors like asthma, environmental factors like increased alcohol consumption, psychiatric factors like anxiety disorders or depression, genetics, certain medications, ageing or working during the night shifts, which could mess up the biological clocks.

Sleep study centre.

The sleep disorder centre at the KIMS Hospitals is a multidisciplinary speciality group that entails providing impeccable health care services to patients through cutting-edge research and top-notch educational programmes in Sleep Medicine. At the Top Sleep Study hospital in Hyderabad, we house a team of adroit doctors across several specialities to satiate the varied requirements of our patients.

Recognising the importance of sleep, we know how sleep disorders can lead to a spectrum of behavioural manifestations and health issues, thus decreasing your performance to perform even your regular errands. So, we help to treat myriad sleep-related complaints by offering a comprehensive pharmacological, surgical, behavioural and device-related therapy approach and hence improve the long-term health effects as well as the short-term symptoms of sleep disorders.

What’s even better is that we include the patients and their families in each step of the procedure so that they can make informed decisions. The sleep neurologists in our team are both certified in sleep disorder medicines and have been nationally recognised leaders in their particular areas. To help in understanding the sleep issues of our patients to the utmost level, we provide complete sleep evaluations through an initial consultation and even polysomnographic studies in our state-of-the-art sleep disorders laboratory. No wonder why we are touted as the Top Sleep Study hospital in hyderabad.


1. What are the different symptoms of sleep disorders?

Generally, people may face difficulty in sleeping from time to time, however, the different sleep disorders are essentially characterised by certain symptoms. If you face either one or more of these symptoms, then you may have a sleep disorder. Symptoms include sleeping while driving, having difficulty with your memory, showing slowed responses, having difficulty concentrating at school, home or work, looking sleepy, requiring naps almost every day and having difficulty controlling your emotions.

2. What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder under which the shared breathing pattern of the patient could get interrupted during sleep. Hence, people who have untreated sleep apnea may stop breathing repeatedly during sleep. There are two types of sleep apnea, namely obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.

3. What is narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is also a type of neurological disorder that could disrupt your normal sleep patterns. People who have this disorder may experience uncontrollable episodes of falling asleep during the daytime. Sudden sleep attacks can occur while you are engaged in any activity at any time of the day. Generally, people between the age of 15 add 25 get this condition. Also, most of the time narcolepsy is undiagnosed and hence is left untreated. But it is crucial for you to connect with the Top Sleep Study hospital in hyderabad if you face different symptoms of this condition, like sudden muscle weakness when you laugh or experience other emotions.

4. What are the different treatment options for sleep disorders?

At KIMS, we provide a host of treatment options for different sleeping disorders based on the overall health of our patients. Different types of treatments available include medications, supplements, practising sleep hygiene like keeping a regular sleep schedule, getting regular exercise, minimising noise and light while you try to sleep and managing the temperatures so that you are comfortable.



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