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The Neurosciences Center at KIMS offers treatment and services for a wide range of neurological conditions that can stem from genetic abnormalities or immune system deficiencies or from injury to the brain or nervous system. Children and adolescents with brain, spine and peripheral nervous system disorders need the best medical care. The Neurosciences Center at KIMS Hospital offers patients and families a comprehensive approach from initial diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and long-term follow-up care. Our program is designed to offer patients a disease-specific, patient-focused approach..

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Neuroscience and behavioural medicine

As the name itself suggests, neuroscience refers to the study of the nervous system and hence includes the spinal cord, brain and the nerve cells of the neurons. As we all know, the nervous system is a very crucial part of the human body and it works together to send messages to the other parts of the body. However, in case of any neurological disorder, condition or injury, the normal flow of messages to the different parts of the body can be disrupted.

In all such situations, the Best Paediatric Behavioral Sciences Hospital in Hyderabad aims at combining neuroscience with behavioural medicine so that the doctors do not just assess the brain conditions but can also know how these conditions could affect the patients’ behaviour and emotions.

Centre for Neuroscience and Behavioural medicine

The Centre for Neuroscience and Behavioural Medicine at the KIMS Hospitals combines cutting-edge research with highly specialised clinical care. We have a team of adroit doctors who provide services for a wide array of different conditions like injury to the nervous system, immune system deficiencies or any genetic abnormalities.

Moreover, the comprehensive services provided by the Department of Paediatric Neurosciences and Behavioural Sciences at our hospital make sure to provide the best care to the patients from initial diagnosis and treatment to their long-term follow-up care. With patient-focused and disease-specific approaches, no doubt why we are touted as the Top Paediatric Neurosciences Hospital In hyderabad.

The element of success at our hospital is the world-renowned teams of scientists, technologists, therapists, nurses, physicians and other caregivers who collaborate to provide services to patients with neurological disorders. Other than this, the highlights of our programme include-

1. Expertise. Being experts in the field of neuroscience and behavioural medicine, the team of doctors at our hospital have extensive experience in the team due to which they can cover the full spectrum of neurological conditions. They make sure to handle even the most complex cases and underdiagnosed disorders like inherited metabolic disorders or white matter disease with utmost care.

2. Research. The state-of-the-art research conducted by the doctors at our Top Paediatric Neurosciences Hospital In hyderabad makes sure to bring new treatments into practice that can be performed as safely as possible.

3. Appropriate care. At KIMS, we understand the importance of individuality and how the age and overall health of the patient need to be recognised. Due to the same reason, we provide personalised and customised treatment options for each patient according to his or her requirements to provide the best treatment outcome

Thanks to these features and seamless collaboration amongst the paediatric specialists in every discipline, KIMS tops the list of the Paediatric Hospital in Hyderabad.


1. What is a paediatric neurologist?

A paediatric neurologist, also referred to as a child neurologist is a doctor who specialises in treating children suffering from different nervous system issues. These issues could arise in different locations of the nervous system, like muscles, nerves, spine or brain and could lead to myriad problems like developmental delays, headaches, seizures, etc. Due to the same reason, it is crucial that you hire a paediatric neurologist from the Top Paediatric Neurosciences Hospital In hyderabad.

2. What are the different signs and symptoms of nervous system disorders?

Some of the prominent signs and symptoms that can accompany a nervous system disorder may include loss of feeling, persistent headache, memory loss, lack of coordination, loss of muscle strength, loss of double vision, impaired mental ability, muscle rigidity, back pain or new language impairment. However, sometimes these symptoms might even look like other medical conditions or issues. Hence, it is crucial to visit your healthcare provider for a diagnosis.

3. What are the different types of healthcare providers who can treat nervous system disorders?

At the KIMS Hospitals, we have a team of healthcare providers who work seamlessly to provide the best results to the patients. These healthcare providers include the psychologist, neurosurgeon, neurologists, neuroradiologists and interventional radiologists, physical therapist, speech or language pathologist, occupational therapist, and Physiatrist.

4. What are the most common neurological disorders?

Some of the most common types of neurological disorders that are treated at the Top Paediatric Neurosciences Hospital In hyderabad include Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, dementias, strokes, migraine, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain tumours, neurological infections, head injuries, etc.



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