Urologists at KIMS provide expertise and surgical treatment for urinary disorders of the male and female urinary tracts, as well as conditions of the male genital tract or reproductive system. Our urology specialists work closely with patients to develop individualized treatment plans that include both medical and surgical approaches to a wide range of urological problems. Close collaboration with other KIMS specialists also gives our patients the most complete care available and allows for the best possible outcomes.

The Department of Urology at KIMS Hospitals Secunderabad and KIMS Hospitals Kondapur is committed to provide state-of-the-art medical and surgical care for all conditions of kidney health.

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What is Urology?

The Best Urology Hospital in Hyderabad varies from place to place. So before getting the treatment you must be aware of the Top Kidney Hospitals in Hyderabad and Best Nephrology Hospital in Hyderabad or you may visit KIMS hospital as KIMS hospital is the Female Urology Hospital in Hyderabad. At KIMS, urologists provide expertise and surgical treatment for conditions affecting the male reproductive system or genital tract as well as urinary abnormalities of both the female and male urinary systems. To develop individualised treatment plans that address a range of urological diseases utilising both medical and surgical techniques, our urology specialists work closely with patients. Working together with other KIMS specialists also guarantees that our patients get the most thorough care imaginable and that the best outcomes are attained. At the KIMS Hospitals in Secunderabad and Kondapur, the Department of Urology is committed to providing state-of-the-art medicinal and surgical treatment for all kidney health conditions.

Treatments & Procedures

In Hyderabad the Best Urology Hospital in Hyderabad depends on a number of variables. To find out who the Best Urology Hospital in Hyderabad is, you must speak with the doctor.. But before knowing about the Top Kidney Hospitals in Hyderabad, you must contact the doctors of KIMS hospital about the problem as KIMS hospital is the Best Nephrology Hospital in Hyderabad & Hospital For Male Urology in Hyderabad. All urological and genital problems in children are thoroughly evaluated, diagnosed, and treated by paediatric urologists at KIMS. Urologists can identify and treat children with acquired and congenital urogenital diseases in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Among the services offered are these:

Evaluation and treatment of voiding abnormalities, vesicoureteral reflux, and urinary tract infections that are surgically treatable surgical treatment of the urinary tract, including the management of sexual development problems, hypospadias, and genital abnormalities Varicocele, hydrocele, and undescended testes groyne surgery in children and adolescents The Urologic Oncology Program at KIMS employs medical professionals to identify and treat a variety of urinary system malignancies, including those of the bladder, prostate, kidney, testicles, ureter, urethra, and penile.

The Urologic Oncology Program employs medical, radiation, and surgical oncologists who are all experts in urologic cancers. Genetic counsellors who can offer advice and genetic testing for people who may be at elevated risk for certain diseases as a result of family or personal medical history are part of the program's multidisciplinary approach to prevention, screening, and treatment. The program's staff also includes specialists in the management of quality of life and pain in cancer care.

Staffed by urologists with expertise in diseases ranging from erectile dysfunction to male incontinence, stricture surgery to urinary diversion, the centre for reconstructive urology and men's health at KIMS. Treatments that are as non-invasive and efficient as feasible are important to us at the reconstructive urological health facility. We do treatments including sacral neuromodulation, circumcision and frenulotomy, genital reconstruction, penile implants, sexual dysfunction, urethral surgery, urinary diversion, and botox treatment for the bladder (Interstim). Female Urology Hospital in Hyderabad is KIMS Hospital it is worth getting treatment there


1. What signs or symptoms might there be in urology?

i. Checklist of Symptoms

ii. Urine with blood in it.

iii. Discomfort while urinating.

iv. Alterations to urine patterns.

v. Regular urge to urinate

vi. Being unable to urinate.

vii. Urine stream that is hesitant or weak.

viii. Incontinence (difficulty retaining urine or leaking) (difficulty holding urine or leaking)

ix. A lower abdominal pain.

2. What are some common urological conditions?

Urinary tract infections, kidney stones, bladder control issues, and problems with the prostate are a few examples of urologic diseases or illnesses. While some urologic disorders are permanent, others are temporary.

3. Which is the Best Urology Hospital in Hyderabad?

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS hospital) is the Best Nephrology Hospital in Hyderabad & Hospital For Male Urology in Hyderabad.



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