Infectious Diseases


In the current era when different infections are emerging the need for Infectious diseases specialists is eminent, especially in a country like India where infections are still a leading cause of morbidity and mortality.


To improve patient care by fighting infectious diseases through early diagnosis and timely appropriate treatment. Also to educate patients for prevention of infections.


To provide high-quality patient care with evidence-based medicine to patients with infections.

To guide during the management of infectious disease outbreaks and epidemics.

To promote research in Infectious diseases to generate Indian data.

Areas of Interest:

1. Community-acquired infections like:

  • Pneumonia (COVID-19, H1N1, Bacterial Pneumonia)
  • Tropical fevers - Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Leptospirosis, scrub typhus
  • Evaluation of Pyrexia of unknown origin
  • Recurrent Infections

2. Hospital-acquired infections

3. Infections with drug-resistant organisms

4. Invasive fungal infections

5. Infections in high-risk patients

  • Cancer Patients
  • Patients with organ (kidney, heart, liver, lung) transplants
  • Patients with bone marrow transplant / leukemia
  • Patients on steroids and hemodialysis

6. Tuberculosis: diagnosis and treatment of sensitive and drug-resistant tuberculosis affecting lungs, brain, and other organs.

7. HIV: Immediate and long-term management of HIV positive individuals, treatment, and prevention of other HIV associated infections. Management of other sexually transmitted infections.

8. Prosthesis related infections: 

  • Joint and other orthopedic implant-related infections
  • Infection of other prostheses - artificial heart valves, cardiac leads

9. Adult vaccination for various preventable infections in adults, especially in high-risk candidates.

10. Travel medicine for advice regarding preventive measures, vaccines according to their travel. Infections after returning from travel.

11. Hospital Infection prevention and control

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