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The Reconstructive Urology Clinic at KIMS evaluates and treats a wide variety of patients, some of whom have complex urologic conditions that require reconstructive therapies. Often these patients have undergone previous surgery, radiation therapy, or have long-standing difficulties and thus need a physician with expertise in this area. Not every patient with the conditions listed below require reconstructive techniques, but many will: Bladder neck contracture, Urethral stricture, Hypospadias and Urinary fistula.

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Reconstructive surgery benefits numerous people who may have a range of ailments, including physical deformities, or injuries from a previous operation This procedure targets the urology tract including the kidneys, genitalia, bladder, ureter, etc. Considering the matters, KIMS has a separate department of reconstructive urology hospital in Hyderabad. With the promise to be recognised as the top reconstructive urology hospital in Hyderabad, we carefully evaluate and treat multiple patients who visit us with their urologic issues. Generally, patients who have conditions such as bladder neck contracture, hypospadias or urinary fistula etc. need reconstructive procedures. Reconstructive urology is an integration of knowledge from different fields such as urology, plastic surgery and sometimes radiotherapy. There are numerous top radiotherapy hospitals in Hyderabad, which one finds.

KIMS: Best Urology Hospital in Hyderabad

KIMS Reconstructive Urology Hospital in Hyderabad begins by reading and evaluating the medical history of the patient as well as the physical examination, which may include urinalysis, CT scan, urodynamics, and cystoscopy. Patients with serious injuries, medical defects, or cancer may need reconstruction urology. Additionally, various top radiotherapy hospitals in Hyderabad including KIMS help patients who suffer from urologic cancer. These top radiotherapy hospitals in Hyderabad have unique care rooms for urologic cancer and generally use x-rays to kill cancer cells.

To determine which is the top reconstructive urology Hospital in Hyderabad, it is necessary to observe the services provided by them. At KIMS, we offer numerous reconstructive surgeries, such as:-

1. Urethral Strictures: Stricture causes a region of the urethra to narrow, thus resulting in constriction. People suffering from this issue need to consult a urologist.

2. Penile Prosthesis: Penile prosthesis is very common among men with erectile dysfunction, and other alternative treatments have previously failed. In KIMS, this procedure is either carried out under general anaesthesia or spinal anaesthesia. This procedure can extend up to ninety minutes and mainly need the insertion of the implants.

3. Grafts For Complicated Urethral Restriction: In some instances when the surgery to open the urethra tract fails, then any best urology hospital in Hyderabad will suggest a reconstruction of the urethra. This procedure is done under the collaboration of plastic surgeons and urologists.

4. Sacral Neuromodulation: Electrical stimulation in a controlled amount is given to the nerves. These nerves run from the sacrum, ie. the tailbone, to the bladder.

5. Bladder Botox: Any top reconstructive urology hospital in Hyderabad recognises the importance of botox for treating urinary incontinence. This procedure has been very prominent for a very long time.

6. Genital Reconstruction: Sometimes the patients may need some surgery or suffer from a disorder that may cause trouble in their genitals. Here, at KIMS, our experts work closely to reconstruct the genitals and correct the functionality of their genitals.


1. Who visits a reconstructive urology hospital?

Generally, people who face trouble in sexual health or difficulties with their bladder often come to a reconstructive urology hospital in Hyderabad. One can identify the best urology hospital in Hyderabad by the number of procedures and techniques it possesses. At KIMS we carry out traditional conventional methods along with contemporary minimally invasive approaches.

2. Can the urethra get reconstructed?

Yes, it sure can. However, it depends on the location of the damage for the surgeon to either use tissue from another part of the body to replace the damaged ones in the urethra or remove the damaged portion of the urethra followed by reconnecting the urethral tube.

What are the risks of reconstructive urology?

Some of the risks related to reconstructive urology are:

i. Nerve injury

ii. Bleeding

iii. Infection

iv. Pain



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