Kidney Health Centre

KIMS Kidney Health Center is made up of an interdisciplinary team of health-care professionals working together to provide the highest quality kidney care and kidney education. Our outreach clinics work throughout Hyderabad and the neighbouring areas to increase awareness in an effort to help prevent Chronic kidney disease and the progression of existing chronic kidney disease. Our Renal health clinic joins newly diagnosed and/or progressing patients with an interdisciplinary team of health-care providers to treat reversible problems and begin therapies to prevent, delay and/or decrease the development of chronic Renal failure thereby slowing the rate of progression to end stage Renal disease. If a patient presents with severe or acute kidney disease, they are admitted immediately and seen by a nephrologist. For patients who require Renal replacement therapy, our team works with the individual to determine which type of dialysis is best suited to their medical needs and lifestyle. In some cases, transplantation may also be suitable.

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