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The KIMS Urologic Cancer Center specializes in the diagnosis, and treatment of urologic cancer including bladder, kidney, prostate and testicular cancer. If you or a loved one is facing this kind of diagnosis, a compassionate team of professionals at KIMS is here to offer you expertise, support and hope. KIMS brings leading-edge multidisciplinary and compassionate care to diagnosing and treating cancers of the genitourinary system. Specialists from surgery, medicine, radiation therapy, radiology, pathology, and nursing form a dedicated patient care team and deliver individualized care in a coordinated and caring manner. We strive to provide comprehensive patient care that includes the newest research and treatment options. Our team aims to communicate openly with you, your loved ones, and other health care providers. We know that a cancer diagnosis can be difficult and are committed to help you navigate this journey.

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What is Urological Oncology?

The Best Uro-Oncology Hospital in Hyderabad varies from place to place. So before getting the treatment you must be aware of the Top hospital for urologic oncology treatment in Hyderabad and Best Hospital for Cancer in Hyderabad or you may visit KIMS hospital as KIMS hospital is the Urology Hospital in Hyderabad. The bladder, kidney, prostate, and testicular cancers are among the urologic cancers that the KIMS Urologic Cancer Center specialises in diagnosing and treating. A caring team of specialists at KIMS is available to provide you with knowledge, support, and hope if you or a loved one is dealing with this type of diagnosis. KIMS provides cutting-edge, comprehensive, and compassionate care for genitourinary system cancer diagnosis and treatment. A committed patient care team made up of specialists from pathology, radiation therapy, medicine, surgery, and nursing provides tailored care in a professional and compassionate manner. We work hard to offer patients comprehensive care that takes use of the most recent findings in medical science. Our team wants to have open lines of communication with you, your family, and other medical professionals.

Procedures & Treatments

In Hyderabad the Best Uro-Oncology Hospital in Hyderabad depends on a number of variables. To find out who the Best Uro-Oncology Hospital in Hyderabad is, you must speak with the doctor.. But before knowing about the Top hospital for urologic oncology treatment in Hyderabad & Urology Hospital in Hyderabad, you must contact the doctors of KIMS hospital about the problem as KIMS hospital is the Best Hospital for Cancer in Hyderabad

There is treatment available for the following ailments:

Both conventional and cutting-edge therapy are available at KIDNEY CANCER KIMS, which is committed to providing the best possible patient care. A multidisciplinary team of medical oncology, urology, cardiology, nephrology, pathology, and endocrinology experts are part of the programme, enabling comprehensive care in a single visit. Even though kidney cancer is still a difficult condition to diagnose and treat, promising new advancements are frequently announced.

1. Prostate Cancer: Both early-stage and late-stage prostate cancer patients can receive the most cutting-edge treatment at KIMS. Our faculty has received training in urologic oncology and has constantly been recognised as one of India's best prostate cancer specialists. Our urologists have been at the forefront of creating new technology and advancements that have made patient treatments safer and more efficient. The most prevalent kind of cancer in males, prostate cancer typically develops without any symptoms at first. Early detection and treatment of prostate cancer significantly increase the likelihood of survival. At KIMS, we provide the full range of treatment options, including but not limited to robotically assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy, laparoscopic prostatectomy, brachytherapy, cryotherapy, active surveillance, and targeted prostate biopsy using a needle. prostate cancer is detected using MR-Ultrasound Fusion.

2. Prostatectomy: The entire prostate is removed during this treatment. Most often, the da Vinci® Surgical System is used to carry out the treatment. This robotic surgical equipment is made to perform more precise cuts with fewer incisions. Additionally, the robotic surgical equipment is built to avoid and save nerves that are crucial for sexual function.

3. A prostate biopsy, a quick surgical technique in which a sample of suspicious cancer cells is extracted for a pathologist's inspection and testing, provides a conclusive diagnosis of prostate cancer. While some biopsies are carried out under image guidance, such as with ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, others are carried out endoscopically.

4. Surgery for renal cancer/surgical treatment for renal cancer

When a renal tumour has not migrated past the kidneys, surgery is typically the only necessary treatment. To ensure that all tumour cells have been completely eliminated from the body and to avoid a future recurrence, the kidney tumour component or the entire kidney must be removed, along with any adjacent tissue and lymph nodes.

i. Surgical options for treating renal cell carcinoma (RCC)

ii. Radical nephrectomy with robots or laparoscopy

iii. Laparoscopic or robotic partial nephrectomy

iv. Surgical options for transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) treatment

v. Nephrectomy using robotics or laparoscopy

vi. TCC requires routine follow-up due to its high risk of recurrence, which mostly affects the urinary bladder.

5. Robotic or laparoscopic radical nephrectomy - This procedure involves removing the entire kidney along with the fat and adrenal glands that surround it. Typically, this operation is only used when a partial nephrectomy cannot leave the kidney intact. Particularly recommended for stage I tumours where nephrectomy is not an option and kidney cancer situations where the malignancy has reached nearby tissue but not yet disseminated.

Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy benefits include being a generally safe and minimally invasive procedure, less pain and blood loss, a shorter hospital stay, and quicker recovery than traditional open surgery. Top hospital for urologic oncology treatment in Hyderabad is KIMS Hospital it is worth getting treatment there


What are the two cancers that urologists encounter most frequently?

Bladder malignancy

Renal (kidney) cancer

2. What distinguishes a urologist from an oncologist?

Medical oncology is based on systemic therapy, whereas urology is a surgical speciality.



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