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Thursday, November 7, 2019

What is fatty liver disease?

Fatty liver disease is inflammation of the liver cells due to accumulation of fat deposits. Fatty liver is divided in two broad sub types. Alcoholic fatty liver or non alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD). Regular consumption of alcohol leads to interference in the liver function. The liver is accumulated with toxins and cannot function properly. Non alcoholic fatty liver mainly affects individuals who are obese or over weight and lead sedentary lifestyles. The metabolism activity of the liver is usually affected; the liver cannot break down fats, which leads to its accumulation in the liver.

Fatty liver diseases usually are reversible in early stages but as they progress they are difficult to manage and lead to untimely death.

The best way to prevent fatty liver diseases is:

  • Make changes to diet by eating healthy
  • Exercising.

Exercising goes a long way in preventing many ailments. Fatty liver is one them. Walking, cycling or simple exercises at home burn unwanted calories, remove toxins from our body. They help us maintain ideal weight; hence the liver functions up to its mark. Our metabolism is balanced with good fiber- rich diet and moderate exercises, which make the liver, do its job perfectly. Foods like processed meat; flours etc make the liver function a burden. The right way to prevent fatty liver is to stay fit by taking up routine fat blasting activities. Moderate amount of exercise helps reverse fatty liver condition to a great extent. A recent research conducted on mice revealed that mice that were active and exercised did not develop fatty liver, the mice which were in sedentary isolation developed fatty liver symptoms. Not compromising on exercising goes a long way in living longer and stronger. Our liver health is in our hands, simple walking for 20 minutes a day every five days works wonder as our metabolism improves significantly. Exercises aid digestion, ensure good blood supply to all parts of the body including our liver. Exercising for fatty liver improves its condition and certain cases can reverse the same and also can reduce the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma or other forms of liver cancers. Fat build up in the liver may be due to uncontrolled diabetes, high triglyericides or alcohol abuse. Exercises burn the extra fat in the body, reduce our cholesterol levels in the body, mange our weight, aid in reducing diabetes thereby reversing the fatty liver condition


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