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Dr. Neena Desai, Friday, November 8, 2019

KIMS Hospitals, the Best Robotic surgery hospital for prostate explains that historically, the prostate cancer was treated through open prostatectomy. The side effects included long hospital stay, loss of blood, severe pain, infections and longer time to recover. Then there wasn’t any choice. Using this procedure the cancerous tissue was completely removed that affected the bladder control, sexual function post-surgery.

Robotic Prostatectomy:

Best robotic surgery doctors in Hyderabad at KIMS Hospitals believe that the robotic procedures have found its way in almost every branch of medicine for the advantages it has over other traditional procedures such as open prostatectomy or laparoscopic prostatectomy. The most recent technology adapted has been Da Vinci Surgical Systems which enables the robotic procedures to be conducted successfully and as expected. The Robotic treatments through minimally invasive techniques have helped many patients to recover soon with very few side effects. It is more preferred over the traditional procedures today.

The technology is such that the surgeon who would otherwise have performed surgery by standing for long hours will instead sits in his console and performs the surgery. The high resolution camera and micro surgical instruments will guide and enable you in the right path showing the clear cut anatomy of the area and the issues of the patient. It auto filters any human tremors while performing the surgery which avoids major mistakes. Sitting in his console having a 3Dimensional vision of the patients affected area the surgeon conducts the procedure without any hassles opines the best prostate robotic surgeon in Hyderabad from KIMS Hospitals.

During the robotic prostatectomy procedures the surgical instruments performs vital functions which include:

  • Improved visualization helps perform the surgeries with complete dexterity and precision.
  • It can turn in every direction possible enabling the surgery to be performed from any angle. The surgical instruments are made flexible in such a way that they can reach any area.
  • Every movement is controlled through minimally invasive procedures.
  • The surgery is conducted in such a way that the nerves around the prostate gland are not harmed. This retains their bladder control and sexual function.
  • The robotic prostatectomy is conducted in a better way than the traditional painful surgical procedures.

The robotic prostatectomy procedure overcomes many issues when conducted using minimally invasive techniques of Da Vinci Robotic Technology over the others such as the open laparoscopic procedures. Hence, patients prefer treatment for prostate cancer surgery in Hyderabad at KIMS Hospitals. Let’s take a look at the advantages is has over the traditional procedures. They include:

  • The patient is discharged within 24 hours after the surgery.
  • They are more beneficial than the other procedures and hence a lot of patients prefer this procedure.
  • The patients will heal faster and this enables them to resume their activities sooner.
  • Shorter hospital stay and lesser blood loss.
  • Pain is meagre.
  • Retains sexual function and reduced complications.

Why KIMS Hospitals?

KIMS Hospitals is the best robotic surgery centre in Hyderabad as they have the most unique and latest technology that has enabled the surgeons to learn, adapt and get technologically sound and be able to save patients’ lives.



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