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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Knees age like the rest other parts causing severe pain that it becomes unbearable gradually. After all the physiotherapy sessions and medications if your symptoms don’t improve your doctor may want you to consider a knee replacement surgery. Every surgery comes with a slight complication and here your knee is getting replaced. It will certainly worry you. You may want to take a second opinion or make an informed decision. You can definitely consult another knee replacement specialist. Before that let’s take a tour on the procedure and other options that the medical world offers for unbearable knee pain.

Knee Replacement Surgery:

It is also known as knee arthroplasty. Knee being the largest component of the body helps you in conducting various activities such as bending, walking etc. An injury or a disease, chronic knee swelling, knee deformity can decrease the strength in your knees leading to pain and muscle weakness. The knee replacement surgery relieves the pain and promotes better movement and normal functioning of the knee. The knee replacement surgery involves the replacement of the damaged bone and cartilage with an artificial joint made from metal alloys, polymers or plastics explains the best Orthopaedic in Hyderabad from KIMS Hospitals.

Less Invasive Surgery Options:

Less Invasive surgery options include:

  1. Arthroscopy: In this procedure, a small incision is made to correct or remove the inflamed joint linings, ligaments and cartilage.
  2. Osteotomy: Yet another surgical procedure where your bones are reshaped, repositioned. This is localised to one part of your knee. This is done in order to shift the weight from one portion of your knee.

Getting a Second Opinion and Making an informed Decision:

Every doctor’s approach is different and so is the mind set of their patients. A patient must be completely alright with the doctors decision else the doctor would definitely want him to take a second opinion so that he gets to know of the options available to him and make a comparison that best suits him and his problem.

So, since you are opting for a second opinion, you must carry your MRI’s, scans and additional reports to the doctor who will re-evaluate your condition for your better understanding of the options available. After this your new doctor would inform you about the situation and the options available. He may suggest the same as your previous doctor or he may want you to try few other treatments.

Yet, knee replacement surgery is the best bet as it improves your mobility eases of your pain. A knee that is replaced will last for few years depending on the wear and tear. Hence, the only restriction advice the doctor would give is to restrict your physical activity to the basic routine of life and not involve in sports such as hiking, running or any other sports such as football.


You will find top orthopedics for knee replacement in KIMS Hospitals. They are the best in this procedure as they have the latest knee replacement options that will last long and prevent you from having knee replacement surgeries again and again.



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